What Made You Go Natural?

December 9, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

“I began to appreciate everything that made me who I am and where I’m from. I decided that society will not depict for me what beauty ‘looks’ like”

Hey Ladies!

This week we connected with hundreds of beautiful women worldwide and engaged in an inspiring and thought provoking “Question Time” if you may. Here we talked Tresses & we asked our many lovely followers & subscribers what made them return to their natural hair. These Queens were ever so kind enough to share their stories behind their initial transition from chemically processed/damaged hair to Healthy Lengthy Hair & their current journey’s.

Listed below are the many responses we received straight from these naturalista’s mouths, REAL lives, REAL statements, and REAL journeys! I hope this serves as inspiration to you on your natural, healthy hair journey and or bridges that gap of uncertainty of whether or not to return back to your natural tresses.

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“I began to appreciate everything that made me who I am and where I’m from. I decided that society will not depict for me what beauty ‘looks’ like”

“I went natural due to my pregnancy”

“I was interested in finding out who I truly was. Getting to know myself. I wanted to love every part of me, including my natural coils and curls”

“I went natural due to chemical induced alopecia”

“I simply got tired of getting perms”

“I went natural to embark on my self-love journey”

“My daughter inspired me to go natural. My only regret is I waited soooo long before starting my natural hair journey, afraid my hair wasn’t going to look like I wanted. But booooy was I wrong, I love my natural hair!”

“I wanted healthier hair!”

“I like my fro better than my press”

“I wanted to show my daughter that our natural kinky hair is just as beautiful and worthy as straight European hair”

“I wanted to get to know the naked/real me and embrace her”

“I returned to my natural hair as my hair grew out from a protective style and I fell in LOVE with my curl pattern”

“My locs represent patience and strength and so I remain natural”

“I went natural as my hair started thinning from the crown”

“I got tired of relaxers, moreover they didn’t straighten my hair so I was wasting time and money”

“I simply wanted my hair to be healthy”

“Hair stylists and that sleek European style image was becoming ridiculously expensive so one day I vowed to do my hair myself, done some research, got inspired, bought some products and started my transition. A year later and I love my hair and my purse loves it even more!”

“..Versatility.. Being able to wear it straight or curly. As well as wanting something different”

“I got fed up of my hair breaking and thinning from braids and relaxers and the maintenance that went along with it”

“I went natural because I wanted to try something different and now I LOVE my natural hair!”

“My initial motivation to go natural was because I love changing my hairstyle and this was very different. I’m in LOVE with my natural hair now!”

“I was inspired by your/this platform, I soon fell in love with curls, got curious and now I am deep into my transitioning. I LOVE my hair!”

“I became tired of my hair falling out from the perm, colour & heat damage”

“I wanted more out of my hair, so then I got curious and decided to go natural. So far its been great and I love all of the things that I can do with it!”

“I went natural to lead by example and demonstrate to my little sister that her hair is beautiful and she doesn’t need relaxers”

“Initially I went natural to experiment, I remained natural because I found myself”

“Returning back to my natural hair was a spur of the moment decision. I hadn’t had a perm for over 6 months so I simply went with the flow”

“I went natural due to the dime sized patch in the middle of my head of long, thick, beautiful relaxed hair”

“I wanted thicker and fuller hair!”

“I became tired of trying to pursue what a ‘successful black woman’ is in the mirror by wearing wigs and weaves and slicking my hair with relaxers. I had to change my thought process of what success really looked like. I found that being successful is loving yourself… Every inch until there isn’t a single thing you want to change!”

“I went natural due to my edges thinning out and the burning perms!”

“I got tired of spending money on other peoples hair so I decided to invest in my own and wear my natural hair”

“The maintenance of a relaxer/perm is EXPENSIVE & time consuming!”

“I love what God has given me, a unique head of hair”

“I wanted to prove to my stylist of 15 years that I DID have ‘that kind of hair’ that could be worn natural”

“My hair thrives & grows better in its natural state”

“I had a battle with cancer… lost a great deal of hair as it thinned and decided the only way I could truly feel empowered is to find a way to love not only myself but my hair too”

“I simply wanted change”

“I returned natural to be unapologetically me and embrace myself wholeheartedly”

“My hair is better natural as I’ve had bad experiences with perms/relaxers due to having a sensitive scalp so I’d always be left with burns and sores”

“I experienced extreme hair loss from a relaxer and thus knew it was time to put down the creamy crack!”

“I wanted to know what my hair looked like in its natural state and figured if i can care for my natural hair there’s no need for a relaxer”

“I had a horrible experience with relaxer and colour and thereafter vowed to never relax my hair again! I’ve been transitioning the past 2 years now”

“I decided to EMBRACE what I have”

“I returned to my natural hair to embrace my heritage and myself. If I love myself why do I have to perm my hair to be socially accepted?!”

“I went natural as I got tired of conforming, and I’m glad I went natural”

“It’s just turned into this beautiful journey and so I’ve remained natural”

Ladies Sharing is Caring! #AspireToInspire! Your journey WILL inspire another Queen! And so I ask YOU what made YOU return back to your natural hair? Kindly leave a comment below.


Happy Healthy Hair Journey!