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Welcome and THANK YOU for stopping by. I created this platform to inspire, embrace, and celebrate the love of all things natural; natural beauty, hair care, skin care, products, lifestyle and more.

I aspire to make a connection with my readers with the sincere hope that I can inspire women of all ages. I’ve always been negligent to the negativity of others, forward and a patient risk taker, who LOVES embarking on new projects and life journeys. However, at first, I found myself concerned about negativity from readers, uncertain and doubtful if I would be able to capture anyone’s attention. But with the support and reassurance of family and friends I took a leap of faith.

That being said Unconditioned Roots thus far Unconditioned Roots has managed to connect with 4000+ people, WORLD WIDE, and  continues to grow and gain positive recognition daily. And for that I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you who have supported, encouraged and believed in my dream. THANK YOU! 

I want to motivate and inspire others to also take risks, be confident in all their endeavours, trust in your talents and learn to listen to your intuition. Do more of what makes you HAPPY! Fight for what you want out of life, hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself. You only fail when you DO NOT try, fear of failure is merely a figment of one’s imagination, tailor your mind to see the POSITIVE in every situation. Never give up there is no such thing as an ending, just a new beginning.

You are a reflection of your most inner thoughts. Always think positively, think words of wisdom, self-love, self-appreciation and empowerment. I ESPECIALLY want to inspire girls and women to be FEARLESSLY authentic, unapologetically YOU. To know that you are PERFECT and do not need to be fixed; society’s narrow minded view of “beauty, perfection, intelligence and stardom” is what’s BROKEN! I’ve grown to learn that doubt kills more dreams than failure, do not DOUBT yourself continue to work hard to achieve your desires and never give up on your dreams. Do not dwell on inadequacies; be afraid of taking risks, terrified of the unknown, imprisoned by doubt and or uncertainties. Take chances, apply yourself wholeheartedly and believe in yourself. Be so good they CAN’T ignore you!

Let today be the start of something new, something GREAT! Today choose JOY, choose PRODUCTIVITY, choose GROWTH, choose PROGRESSION, and today choose SELF-SATISFACTION!

Happy Hair Journey, and there after! XOXO

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