Welcome To Unconditioned Roots!!!

March 18, 2014 in ABOUT, HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Hey Ladies! I Want To Welcome You All To WWW.UNCONDITIONEDROOTS.COM!

Let me introduce myself 🙂 I’m Mariezain the founder of Unconditioned Roots. WELCOME to Unconditioned Roots; a resource for information on natural health, skincare and lifestyle products. I started Unconditioned Roots because whilst there are a growing abundance of them now, when I went natural in November 2012 I personally found that there was a scarcity of UK based websites and platforms dedicated to celebrating, promoting and encouraging natural hair.

I would like to think Unconditioned Roots is a place for inspiration, information, and advice. It is built to educate and show everyone how to take care of their afro hair its natural state and how to reduce the amount of chemicals in their bodies by using natural products to sustain and maintain healthy lengthy hair growth (healthy hair growth starts from WITHIN ladies #TeamHealthyEating #LifestyleChange) . I love our hair and the amazing things it can do and my aim is to share any information that I have which will help you love it too.

Seeking to educate, enlighten, encourage and empower women to choose THEIR hair FIRST & FOREMOST! Their hair above all else. And anything after that is simply style preference e.g. protective styles such as Senegalese Twists & braids.

Your Natural self is your most BEAUTIFUL self, so EMBRACE it and LOVE it.

Remember Unconditioned Roots is here to remind you in every way possible that your beauty is unmatched, you are beautifully & wonderfully made, and that there is absolutely nothing to be doubtful or ashamed of when it comes to natural hair!

Your natural self is your most BEAUTIFUL self so embrace your natural <3



M.Kabba – Founder Of Unconditioned Roots