The Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care

November 29, 2014 in HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Winter  Proof Natural Hair

Top Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter!


Hey Ladies! Lets Talk Winter Maintenance & Caring for your Kurls this winter!

Tis the season to CARE for your Hair! With the colder months approaching, it is very important to keep our hair protected from the harsh elements of the winter season. Although good/correct hair care practice should be consistent all year round it is noted that the harsh winter elements can be a greater cause for concern when it regards your natural hair! Different seasons require different hair care techniques to maintain healthy hair. While you might wear your hair out much more often in the summer and rely on carefree styles when it’s warm outside, your hair care routine will change during the winter if you want to maintain healthy hair. You may now have to tailor your usual regimen to suit the needs and demands of your thirsty hair in colder environmental conditions, for instance using butters now as opposed to solely oils as what works during your spring/summer regimen may not work as well now! That being said you’ll now find yourself adopting the perfect Winter Regimen designed to meet the demands of your tresses!

Who doesn’t love the feel of soft moisturised hair! I’m yet to encounter a woman who does not detest the feeling of dry hair. Ladies you know what I’m referring to; the coarse, rough feeling hair with that characteristic “crunch” sound when you touch it. This can be heightened in the winter months. The harsh, cold and frosty air can wreak havoc on each hair strand inevitably resulting in excessive dryness, brittleness, shedding, split ends and BREAKAGE!  Thus changes need to me made to your regimen to ensure maximum moisture retention in your hair.

This article informs you on how best to care for your precious Kinks and Curls this winter, ensuring you maintain the beautiful hair you deserve and that your hair is just as naturally gorgeous as ever!

Unconditioned Roots Natural Hair Care Winter Maintenance guide will help you care for your hair appropriately, decrease breakage, retain moisture and length for stronger healthier and longer hair.


Unconditioned Roots Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care 

Listed below are some amazing tried and true winter hair care tips:

Be Cautious With Your Clothing

Yes it may be cold, however do be mindful of those woollen hats and scarves as they tend to rub and pull against the hair causing BREAKAGE at either the nape of your neck, the crown of your head and even your edges! You can be clever and wear these winter accessories the right way to avoid damage by simply giving your woolly hat a silk/satin lining inside or wearing a silk head scarf/bonnet underneath. Also ensure your hair is out of the way before wearing your woolly scarf, either having being secured beneath your silk lined hat or through a protective style.


Give Your Hair a Good Ole Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are great for replenishing hair, locking in moisture for a prolonged amount of time. Using natural oils is definitely preferable! Simply grab your favourite NATURAL oil/oil mixture (Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil etc.) apply directly to damp hair, place a plastic cap over your hair and sit under a hooded dryer (heat source, in the sauna, a hot towel either or) and sit back and let your hair repair itself.

Aromatic oils

NO MORE WET HAIR! Yes Ladies That Means Avoiding The Wash ’n’ Go

Ladies if a wash ‘n’ go was your go-to style in the spring and summer it’s time for CHANGE! Winter demands less shampooing, clarifying and daily wetting. It may be beneficial to plan your wash days particularly if you air dry your hair as gently/light blow drying may be more beneficial or giving your hair more time to air dry. Ladies let’s be honest Afro hair takes a while to dry & going outside with wet hair simply sets you up for sickness so play smart! Ladies due to the cold weather and it’s drying effects, it may also be beneficial to reduce the frequency of your hair washes and or co-wash as opposed to shampoo washing.


Make Sure You Deep Condition!

Condition Condition CONDITION! Dry heat and cold, brittle weather sap hair of moisture! As dry hair is susceptible to easy breakage it is vital you deep condition regularly and use a more intensive daily conditioner, water based leave in conditioner. Incorporate extra and consistent deep conditioning into your weekly regimen! Use products that are dedicated to locking in moisture for a prolonged period of time. You can also add some natural oils to your favourite conditioner or purchase a dedicated hair treatment. Deep conditioning will restore your hair of the lost nutrients in brisk harsh temperatures, a GOOD well-formulated, moisture-rich deep conditioner will penetrate your strands with nutrients that will promote moisture retention and restore the hairs softness and elasticity. It will contain oils and ingredients that not only coat the hair but can actually penetrate into it. After your hair is deep conditioned it should feel soft and moisturised. Apply a leave in conditioner to sustain that moisture. This is a first step to maintaining the moisture level in your hair. You can add heat by using a heating cap or steam condition your hair for additional penetration of the ingredients into your hair.


Retaining & Sealing in Moisture

Retaining and sealing in moisture is very important for healthy winter hair. Ensure to moisturise your hair daily and seal with creams/butters as opposed to oils. You can achieve this via lightly spritzing your hair with water and sealing with a butter, or why not try the LOC method! Additionally updating your moisturising regimen could prove beneficial to your hair. Use a shampoo free of harsh ingredients such as sulfates which rob your hair of moisture and nutrients. If, however you find your hair is thirsty why not substitute shampooing for an apple cider vinegar rinse and note whether the health of your hair improves. Ladies bear in mind oil’s/butters alone do not moisturise the hair, and using a moisturiser without sealing with an oil/butter will allow moisture to escape your strands in no time. Amazing sealing options include; creamy shea butter mix, olive oil, JBC oil, coconut oil and or jojoba oil. Discover the right product and process through trial and error, once you establish the right one your hair will LOVE you!

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Preserve Your Hair With a Protective Style

Preserve your hair with a CUTE protective style. Why not try styles such as braids, twists, updo’s, turbans (head wraps), crochet braids, topknots, French rolls, buns, flat twists (ultimately a style which tucks away your ends) is a great way to protect your hair from harsh environmental elements. Incorporate low manipulation and low maintenance styles to minimise your hairs exposure to the cold, retain length, prevent damage, retain moisture prevent shedding and split ends. However bear in mind, it is still essential to maintain good hair care practices whilst your hair is in a protective style! Keep your strands clean with gentle washes and thorough drying, moisturise and seal your hair, keep your scalp moisturised using natural oils and or butters. Wrap your hair at night to maintain your style.


Minimise Heat Usage!

Ladies STOP the excessive use of heat on your hair! Put down those blow dryers, straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons etc they’ll indefinitely absorb the moisture out of your hair. Avoid using heated appliances as much as possible. Using a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron dries hair out even more in winter.


Trim your split ends

Trimming your hair during the winter is most ideal because your hair is either being worn in a protective style or under a cute accessory such as a winter hat, due to harsh weather elements. So it would be most sensible to trim those unhealthy ends as they’re bound to grow back in no time. In my opinion this is the best time to do a healthy trim.


Sleep Smart!

Similarly to the potential wear and tear woolly hats and scarves have on your hair your bed sheets can equally as harmful to your natural tresses. To prevent this simply wrap your hair with a satin/silk bonnet or scarf when you sleep, additionally you can opt for a satin/silk pillow case. This helps hold in moisture and protect your hair from the friction of the harsh fabrics.


Eat Clean

Healthy hair starts from WITHIN!! Ladies a healthy well balanced CLEAN diet promotes healthy hair growth! Make sure you stay HYDRATED and drink plenty of water and fruit/veg this provides your hair with vital nutrients nourishing and strengthening your hair from the inside out! So do try your best to eat foods with the vitamins and minerals you need. I promise your hair will thank you!

Tropical Fruits

Be Gentle!

Try to avoid excessive manipulation styles, over brushing and combing your hair. Simply finger detangle and or comb hair lightly/gently with a wide tooth comb to remove any snags, knots or tangles. Try to wear your hair in some glam, effortless updo’s, this will limit your hairs harsh exposure to the elements and reduce ‘hand in hair syndrome.’


Correct & appropriate Winter Hair care tips are crucial to adopt particularly for us Kinky Curly Coily haired Queens, winter hair care tips are EVERYTHING! With these tips you will be able to carry your Natural Tresses through harsh winter months. If you take away anything from this article let it be the understanding that MOISTURISATION is the KEY ingredient in warding off breakage during the winter months!! Simply incorporating a few of these tips/remedies in to your winter regimen will surely restore moisture into your hair and prepare you for SPRING! Cheers to healthy beautiful hair ALL YEAR ROUND!  Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

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Ladies what’s your Ultimate Winter Regimen? Do you have any winter hair care tips for keeping Naturally Kurly hair happy in the Winter? Sharing is caring ladies, leave a comment below!