We Are Featured On Cosmopolitan.com!

January 19, 2015 in EVENTS, Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () We are featured among some of our favourite naturalistas & natural hair platforms! Proudly featured by cosmopolitan in the article "27 Gorgeous Photos Of Women Rocking Natural Hair" Thank you Cosmopolitan for featuring us on your amazing site www.cosmopolitan.com! We are humbled and extremely appreciative! What an amazing start to the year! Read more [...]


January 15, 2015 in Competitions, EVENTS, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Good Day Dolls! I am EXCITED to present to you an amazing GIVEAWAY Collaboration between Unconditioned Roots & three amazing brands; Hello Curlies, 92Aesthetics & Hair Hope Growth Oil! We’ve managed to reach an amazing milestone in our journey and our success is definitely bound in you support!! So we are reciprocating that love! Read more [...]

United Kurls Christmas Pop-Up Shop

January 14, 2015 in EVENTS, Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Hey Curlies! On Sunday the 14th December 2014 I was humbled to be invited to the United Kurls Christmas Pop-Up Shop! The United Kurls are a collective of leading UK natural hair care brands. A group of beautiful natural women who have come together to provide the finest UK home grown natural hair care brands to create a platform and spread awareness about truly trusted UK hair care brands. Read more [...]

We Are Featured On BuzzFeed.com!

January 10, 2015 in EVENTS, Interviews, Lifestyle, REVIEWS, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Oh WOW what a way to start of the New Year hay! We are honoured, humbled and grateful for the FAB feature on www.BuzzFeed.com! Unconditioned Roots was ranked #8 in the BuzzFeed article "17 Instagram Accounts That Are Winning At Natural Hair!" Let this only be a glimpse of what is in store for us in the future and what an AMAZING, Productive and fruitful year this will be for Unconditioned Roots! Thank you! Read more [...]

What’s Your 2015 Hair Goal/s?

January 2, 2015 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Let's get INTERACTIVE! What's your hair goal/s for this blessed year of 2015? Healthy Hair? Lengthy Hair? Finally Getting That Edgy/Chic New Cut? CoWashing More Often? Ridding Yourself Of Your Inner Product Junkie? Developing Greater Consistency & Patience With Your Tresses? Perhaps Building a Better Hair Regimen?Or Simply Adopting Easier 'Go To' Protective Styles? What ever your goal/s, how ever big or small we want to hear from you! Read more [...]

Motions Hair UK Giveaway

December 13, 2014 in Competitions, EVENTS, PRODUCTS, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Good Day Naturalites.. I am nothing short of ecstatic to present to you an amazing GIVEAWAY Collaboration between Unconditioned Roots & Motions Hair UK! Cleanse and condition your natural textured hair with the goodness of shea butter, coconut & avocado oil with Motions Natural Textures range! Read more [...]

What Made You Go Natural?

December 9, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Hey Ladies! This week we connected with hundreds of beautiful women worldwide and engaged in an inspiring and thought provoking "Question Time" if you may. Here we talked Tresses & we asked our many lovely followers & subscribers what made them return to their natural hair. Read more [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care


image () Tis the season to CARE for your Hair! With the colder months approaching, it is very important to keep our hair protected from the harsh elements of the winter season. Although good/correct hair care practice should be consistent all year round it is noted that the harsh winter elements can be a greater cause for concern when it regards your natural hair! Read more [...]

Tress Talk With I Love Afro

November 15, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () We are Tasha and Sasha directors of the company I Love Afro. I Love Afro is a UK family based company specialising in natural haircare for kinky and curlier hair textures, using ingredients that nourish and encourage soft manageable curls. Our company was put together to encourage and assist those who wish to embrace naturalism! Read more [...]

Neno Natural Queen Of Kinks Feature

October 29, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS

image () Hey Ladies! I was contacted this month by the NenoNatural.com Team to be featured on their website on a new project they've launched called the Queen of Kinks Curls & Coils which endeavours to develop profiles of the best bloggers and coolest kinky-curlies on the website! They were kind enough to offer myself an amazing page on NenoNatural.com. Their aim is to show their fan base other bloggers and vloggers particularly those with so much style and pazzaz! Read more [...]