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Hey Curlies!

Do you wear your hair natural and have crazy, ridiculous & fun stories from your transitioning days? Do you have hair care secrets to share? Are you relaxed with no plans to ever be natural? Everyone has a story, and we want to hear YOURS!

Share your hair journey for a chance to be featured on!

Unconditioned Roots is presenting you with an amazing opportunity to join thousands of Curl Friends WORLDWIDE, Share your beauty & inspire others with your favourite hashtag, #unconditionedroots on your latest, trendiest hair related Instagram Photos, Facebook discussions and Tweets! Also don’t forget to @ us using @unconditionedroots xoxo


CURL FRIENDS Share your #HairStory! Curlies if you’d like to share your hairstory and inspire others kindly send direct emails to with the Subject My HairStory! ALL Submissions kindly follow this template (where applicable)*

  1. Name.. Age.. Location.. Profession.. Hair Type
  2. 3 random things about you!
  3. Are you natural? Perhaps transitioning? For how long have you been natural/on your hair journey? If not what are your reasons for NOT being natural?
  4. What are some hair insecurities that you have battled with?
  5. Hair strengths & weaknesses?
  6. What inspired your current look?
  7. Are you a fan of wash days? How often to you wash your hair?
  8. Are you a product junkie? Yay or Nay? Let us see your product sanctuary!
  9. What are your views on hair vitamins? Have you thought about adding them to your diet/hair regimen?
  10. How often if ever do you do a length check?
  11. What are your THREE MUST HAVE products you can’t get enough of? And why?
  12. Do you use season specific products as the weather changes?
  13. What is your ULTIMATE hair goal? And why?
  14. Have you ever done a big chop? When and Why or why not?
  15. Have you learned your hair? If so when did you discover who your hair was?
  16. When getting ready, is your hair FIRST or LAST on your list?
  17. Have you ever encountered an embarrassing hair moment?
  18. What was your FAVOURITE & WORST style you had to have when growing up?
  19. Do you like to visit salons? Or are you a DIY (do it yourself) kinda girl?
  20. Have you experimented in the kitchen with any home hair remedies? Do tell!
  21. Has being natural dispelled any myths you previously had of “black hair?”
  22. Do you believe returning back to natural to be a statement? If so of what sort?
  23. One word to describe your hair?
  24. WHY ARE YOU YOUR HAIR? (How does your hair reflect your personality?)
  25. Tips or words of encouragement ?
  26. Where can our readers find you online e.g. Social media links where we can reach you?


This is all about YOU and YOUR HAIR!

Please be sure to let your followers know “I just submitted my #HairStory to @unconditionedroots submit yours now!”

  • (Please attach a variety of pictures of yourself; preferably different looks & styles you’ve had over the past years/ months)

PLEASE: NO mirror pictures, NO foggy pictures, and no explicit photos. CLEAR QUALITY PHOTOS ONLY!

 We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

  • Who doesn’t love snapping a few shots before they head out? If you would like to submit photos, please direct emails to | Subject: FEATURE Photo Submission
  • Have you recently recorded a naturally fab & glam tutorial or tried a new product and would like to share your results? Please forward all emails to | Subject: FEATURE Video Submission. Stay connected with us!! #UNCONDITIONEDROOTS

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