Parachute Coconut Oil

Parachute Coconut hair oil brings to you the natural goodness of coconut. Parachute coconut oil stands for purity and quality! A 100% Pure Premium Coconut Oil made from the finest coconuts!

Parachute Coconut hair oil is premium edible grade oil and a market leader in its category. Parachute is positioned on the platform of purity thus the essential purity makes Parachute Coconut hair oil a premium hair oil.

Parachute coconut oil is the perfect ancient remedy for hair problems such as dry itchy scalp, hair loss, split ends and weak damaged hair. This miracle hair oil gives ample moisture and nourishment to the hair, keeps hair soft, supple and healthy. Due to the pure coconut oils quality nourishing and moisturising properties it reduces tangles, promotes healthy hair growth, slows down and prevents hair loss and is extremely nourishing to the body when applied topically. Additionally this premium oil can be used for a large number of other health care practices.

As the name suggests parachute oil is 100% pure and herbal, it nourishes the hair and improves hair texture like no other leaving the hair smooth, healthy and with great lustre. Parachute coconut oil is available in easy to use plastic bottles and has substantial shelf life when stored properly. The oils quality is maintained due to the method of its extraction as it is made by pressing sun-dried coconut kernels in an oil mill before micro-filtering.

Parachute coconut oil is The BEST coconut oil! This miracle oil is guaranteed to help with hair growth, eczema, dandruff relief, itch relief, helps dry hair, adds shine and volume to dull looking hair. This oil is the TRUTH!

Parachute Coconut Oil is made from sun dried coconuts meaning the coconut is Dehydrated and then the oil is extracted. This is a process done only in India. The suns amazing effect on Dehydrating coconuts  means the coconuts have more nutrients and work a lot better with regards to effectiveness on health and hair.

Sun dried coconuts are a fantastic natural way of preserving all nutrients in a coconut. Parachute coconut oil is far BETTER than coconut oil sold in stores as coconut oils sold in stores are all concentrated. This means Lactones are removed (concentrated) from coconut oil that’s sold in stores. Concentration of lactones removes all nutrients from coconut oil causing it to have a negative effect on the hair, ultimately drying out the hair, making it hard, stiff, and crunchy. However pure unconcentrated coconut oil keeps the amazing nutrients in the oil but also gives coconut oil a strong coconut smell that some people may not like. This is why coconut oil sold in stores does not have such a strong coconut smell because it has been concentrated as the lactones have been removed from it.

Parachute coconut oil however is PURE and has NOT been concentrated. It has been taken through a purity process, which is done in India that causes the coconut to be heated in order to remove the oil from the fat. This entire process is achieved naturally as to keep the coconut oil pure and effective.

This amazingly light and weightless oil is being used by millions of people globally. It does not weigh the hair down with product nor make the hair look greasy; it has a very soothing fragrance and is suitable for vegetarians.

This famous premium oil helps your hair, scalp and skin with extra nourishment for problem free healthy hair and skin! Due to its amazing long shelf life, parachute coconut oil has been known to not show rancidity for up to 3 years. When stored in cooler temperatures this pure coconut oil solidifies, a good tip to liquefy the oil is to soak the bottle in hot water, leave to cool while maintaining its liquid state and then use as desired.

To avoid loosing the natural purities in this premium oil please DO NOT warm the oil in the microwave to liquefy it!

We only stock and distribute the number one, TOP selling, luxury brand of parachute coconut oil! This oil is guaranteed the BEST on the market! This affordable 100% pure quality coconut oil comes securely packaged and is available in many sizes. We currently stock 200ml, 500ml and 1litre parachute coconut oil.

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