Newly Natural? Girl You Better Get Photo Friendly!

April 16, 2014 in UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

❤ ❤ Ready… Steady… Set… GROW!! Hair Grows Ladies… Hair GROWS! ❤ ❤

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Hey Ladies!

Let’s talk getting “photo friendly!” Sometimes it can be hard to identify whether your hair has grown, how it’s changed, maintaining hair length checks, noticing the overall health of your hair. BUT taking picture is a GREAT means to monitor your hair growth and health (Team HEALTHY Hair Whoo!) you can observe your Natural Crown over the months and see whether your current hair practices and regimen are indeed working, or if you may possibly need to alter a few things in your regimen or completely adopt a new one.

Pictures best aid you in visualising the changes in your hair, here you can compare and contrast, and it’s also a BRILLIANT means of self-motivation, and encouragement!

When I did my initial FIRST big chop (and come to think of it the SECOND too), it honestly felt as if my hair was taking DECADES to grow. Truth be told, once I’d overcome that first hurdle there was a part of me that believed my hair would MAGICALLY sprout overnight and I’d wake up to my dream hair almost instantly LOL *sigh* unfortunately that’s not how the cookie crumbles ;-P HOWEVER looking back in hindsight at photos taken from my first month in comparison to say my 4/5th month I could see GROWTH!

Ladies with a generous amount of patience, good hair practice, diligence and CONSISTENCY your hair will THRIVE! Number ONE GOLDEN KEY importance to successful, healthy and lengthy hair ladies is PATIENCE! Remember little by little a little becomes A LOT, your hair will grow. Also set realistic hair goals for yourself, hair on average grows ¼ to ½ an inch per month, so be honest with yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you’ve not achieved 5 inches in 2 months… as realistically speaking it most likely is not going to happen.

Whether Type 3 or Type 4 hair, ladies hair GROWS! So to all my Kinky Curly Coily QUEENS stay encouraged!

To all you GORGEOUS Newly Natural Queens, aim to take at least ONE picture of your hair every 4-6 weeks to document your healthy lengthy hair growth. You’ll be amazed at how far your hair has come when you look back at your pics 🙂

Below are a few pictures of my hair during my hair journey, I loved every stage of my hair journey as it was a BRAND NEW experience and any and every inch of growth I noticed simply excited me 😀

I hope these pictures can serve as a means of encouragement and reassurance for you on your hair journey XOXO

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