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October 29, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Hey Ladies!

I was contacted this month by the Team to be featured on their website on a new project they’ve launched called the Queen of Kinks Curls & Coils which endeavours to develop profiles of the best bloggers and coolest kinky-curlies on the website!

Queen of Kinks2

They were kind enough to offer myself an amazing page on Their aim is to show their fan base other bloggers and vloggers particularly those with so much style and pazzaz, and to be a part of this project launch and be considered a Blogger with style pazzaz is in my eyes AMAZING!

Currently, Neno Natural has over 300,000 Facebook fans and is continually gaining positive recognition daily, with an email list at over 30,000 subscribers.  As though that were not enough, in December they will be releasing their first ever magazine and the best profiles will get featured!

That being said, I am greatly humbled!  I am astonished that a platform I’ve admired for so long such as has taken note to I am lost for words and very grateful and humbled!

Unconditioned Roots strongly believes in the promotion and support of our fellow women and Natural Hair Platforms. Strong women LIFT one another up. Real women EMPOWER one another. A beautiful spirit LIBERATES & ENCOURAGES others.

With that it was my absolute honour and pleasure to engage in The Queen of Kinks feature on and have my own page. I admire Heather’s platform and drive to promote and help other platforms gain positive exposure and recognition.

Latterly I would love to CONGRATULATE the Beautiful Queen Heather & the Neno Natural Team on their soon to launch magazine, I look forward to indulging in it’s contents!

Heather, Alani & the Neno Natural Team thank you once again for this amazing opportunity, you are appreciated. I hope to continue to collaborate and network with the Neno Natural Team and positively impact women worldwide embarking on their natural hair journey’s and thereafter.

Okay Ladies below is a sneak peak of the feature! Happy Reading Ladies! 

Queen Mariezain ~ Queen Of Kinks, Curls & Coils® (Neno Natural)


What is your hair type?

Honestly I have a mixture, predominantly 4C however my curls are rather looser towards the nape and back of my head so I would say a mixture of 4C, 4B & 4A. However, in my opinion hair typing is solely a necessity where it regards helping you to better understand your hair, its hair care and style requirements. Anything after that is rather unnecessary and can spur hair type jealousy and false expectations of what your hair was not designed to look like or do. All hair requires the correct hair care, and nurturing, patience and consistency in order for it to thrive so getting caught up in hair typing can defeat the entire purpose of embracing your natural hair as you can be setting standards and false expectations of your hair to be what it’s not. It can equally transform into another system of divide. For example I could have the exact same hair type as someone else and our hair will react differently to products and hair care regimens. I think it is beneficial for styling, as different hair types hold different styles better than others.

That said there are other hair properties like porosity and thickness that are important to consider but are not specific to any one hair type. Hair typing does not consider, dryness, porosity, strength.. etc it is based on textures. Moreover you rarely find a Black African woman who has solely one hair type on her whole head (I have a few!) more often than not you will find different textures.

What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

The most challenging thing about going natural was accepting that my hair is not difficult to manage but simply different. Accepting my new look, not hiding underneath/behind the familiar weaves and braids etc and embracing my natural hair wholeheartedly. Quilting myself in a sincere cloak of confidence and pride when ROCKING my TWA in a society that was blinded to the beauty of an African woman with REAL Afro hair!

As always, there was the challenge of the few family members and friends who were confused as to why I would choose to be natural, they didn’t understand why I’d exchange the “luxury” of straight ‘easy to manage’ hair for a head full of (in my opinion) BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE kinks and curls.

Despite some of the negativity, I didn’t let the comments and young ignorance phase me; it motivated me to want to educate myself the more, make sure my hair was in excellent shape at all times and influence and distribute knowledge to other women. There is an abundance of negative misconception and perpetuated myths that some carry about natural “black” hair that being… “Black hair doesn’t/can’t grow long”… “It’s nappy, it’s rough, tough, it’s unkempt, too big, unprofessional, hard to manage, ugly…” the list is endless and yes you guessed it INACCURATE!!!


Queen of Kinks