Natural Hair Week London 2014

August 2, 2014 in EVENTS, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

nhw 2014

The Beautiful and Successful Founders Officially Natural’s Vinna Best and The Author of “I Grew It Long Naturally” Diane Hall Present The 2nd Annual Natural Hair Week UK: Best of British Tour


On Saturday 2nd August 2014 I attended what was, in my opinion, the best and most EMPOWERING Natural Hair Event I’ve attended thus far! Vinna Best and Diane Hall (Founders of Natural Hair Week) presented us UK Naturalistas the opportunity to get engaged in an amazing event dedicated to informing, inspiring and interacting with women of colour nationally. Natural Hair Week offers a combination of informative seminars, interactive workshops, creative hair demonstrations and unique exhibitors with fantastic products and services. This years event featured high-profile speakers and panellists from across the hair and beauty industry. 

This phenomenal event was first launched in Summer 2013, Natural Hair Week is the only event dedicated to informing, inspiring and interacting with women of colour nationally in the UK establishing and conquering 6 events in 6 main cities within the UK: Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham and London.

This Years Natural Hair Week was hosted by NIECE & ELLE of Natural Hair Daily


This years phenomenal 2014 event, was hosted by the beautiful Natural Hair Daily duo, Elle Jourdainne and Neecie Gold, and my what a fantastic job these accomplished ladies did! They kept the crowd engaged, motivated, full of energy, laughter and delivered a genuine sweet, bubbly and FUN vibe to this years NHW in London. For those of you who are oblivious to the Duo that is Natural Hair Daily; Elle & Neecie are the naturalistas behind Natural Hair Daily; the rapidly growing inspirational platform showcasing curly, kinky and coily hairstyles. Residing from London, the ladies are on a mission to educate women and men worldwide about natural hair care and encourage them to feel confident whilst embracing their natural tresses.

Natural Hair Week is now in its 2nd year and this was my first time attending and NO DOUBT was this my FAVOURITE Natural Hair event of the year! Predominantly due to the GREAT ENERGETIC, CULTURAL, FRIENDLY, welcoming, acknowledging, engaging and family vibe from all the attendees, the beautiful and charismatic hosts Natural Hair Daily, the mix of entertainment, beautiful and cultivated panellists and insightful discussions. There were amazing sponsors present at the event, some of whom many of you may be aware to. Sponsors by the likes of Kera Care, Hairfinity, Curls and Edgestick

The event also had BME Cancer Voice which was the supported charity encouraging and promoting women and men to raise their awareness and be more aware of the signs and symptoms of Cancer, increase communication amongst one another,  talk to one another in pursuit to build a strong community which is more aware of Cancer and not be afraid. Latterly the event catered for the likes of  Colourful Radio who was the media sponsor as well as a surpriss visit from London Live.

nhw sponsors

This year’s event was, in my opinion, a great success! One of my favoured highlights of the day was the presence of celebrity stylist Desmon Murray, a Celebrity and multi-award winning hairdresser (Over 30 years experience). His UNIQUE personality, quirky stories (LOL), lovely personality and humility brought nothing but smiles and bursts of laughter to all. I am in absolute admiration of his work! He truly is talented, he demonstrated some FABULOUSLY GLAMOROUS, chic and simplified hairstyle tutorials that he stressed we could all achieve from the comfort of our own homes. Mr Murray you are a STAR!

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I also thoroughly enjoyed the live panel discussion which consisted of Elle (Natural Hair Daily),Rachy (UK Naturals), Jacqueline Shepherd (What’s Up TV), Candace O.Kelley (Founder of Curl Prep Hair Solutions), Desmond Murray (Celeb Stylist). There were some great issues which were raised, topics addressed, insightful and cultivating discussions all centred around Natural hair and Hair Care. We were provided with informative advice and insight into the health of natural hair and were further engaged with the audiences interesting questions. These beautiful ladies had A LOT to say and I loved lending my ears to them!! *applauds* It was great to have a interactive, informative discussion and to hear responses from professionals.

NHW Panel

 There were a vast combination of informative and engaging seminars, interactive workshops, creative hair demonstrations and unique exhibitors with fantastic products and services. One of my favoured oppotunities being the Natural Hair consultations by Trichologist Shirley McDonald, FREE facials from Antonia Burrell, FREE Product making workshops by Lush, FREE African head-wrapping workshops by Lorene Rhoomes, Akhu Designs, FREE Mini makeovers, FREE hair makeovers by American naturalista Candace Kelly, giveaways, skin care seminars, raffle draw and MUCH MORE!

Let me not forget on of the most favoured highlights of the event… what was in my opinion an amazingly GREAT incentive and idea of a product swap. Many of those who attended the event LOVED this idea and part of the event as they were encouraged and able to bring unwanted and or unused products to trade with other products. YES you guessed it there were A LOT of products on display! Now how awesome is that!

nhw trade products

One of the better parts of the event (for myself) was getting to meet and connect with likeminded individuals, meeting some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers. I met a lot of OUTSTANDING and wonderful people, engaged in many thought provoking discussions, was mesmerized by the many different Kinky Curly Coily Crowns I came across, admired the many afrocentric attires worn and FIERCELY WERRKKEDD by many of the Nubian Queens present at the event. To everyone who made my day amazing thank you for saying hello and making me feel right at home!

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Here’s a glimpse into my goodie bag and the lovely additional goodies I managed to pick up when I wasn’t so deep into having all that FUN *COVERS FACE*

image (74)

It was truly a great event curtsey of the beautiful and successful Vinna Best and Diane Hall; fantastic vendours, beautiful panellists with insightful discussions, great hosts, breathtakingly beautiful venue, giveaways, goodies, celebrity stylist Desmond Murray, bloggers, vloggers, LOTS of laughter, education and acknowledging the beauty in others. To be in a room full of likeminded people is truly liberating. Never felt so at peace and at home in an external environment full of strange faces. The encouragement of self and love and support of a fellow sister was uplifting! Thank you Natural Hair Week, Thank you Natural Hair Daily and Thank you to all the unsung natural Queens that graced the event and made it that extra bit special for me! THANK YOU LADIES!

Here are a few shots for this amazing event… ENJOY 😀 XOXO

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