My TOP 10 Most Annoying Natural Hair Questions

August 10, 2014 in UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba


Hey Curlies!

As someone who has been natural since 2012, I’ve had a diversity of questions. But yet I’m still dumbfounded with some of these annoying natural hair questions ladies raise your hands if I’m not alone on this one… Oh yeah I see YOU GIRL! Yes it’s understandable that some people are oblivious to the hair care of natural Afro textured hair but sometimes I’m amazed at the questions in which I’m asked that, in my opinion, simply lack common sense for instance “..Do you wash your hair..?” Like REALLY? SERIOUSLY? C’MON! Just because Afro Kinky, Curly Coily textured hair is different to that of the conditioned ‘norm’ European sleek hair type does not exempt it from being washable.. so YES I speak for myself and many other Naturalistas when I say WE WASH OUR HAIR!

That being said here are the top most annoying hair questions I’ve personally encountered on my hair journey. Many in which you should think twice and re-evaluate before daring to ask a woman with natural hair.

1. Oh My GAAWWRRDDDD is it real? (would you go up to a European woman and ask if her sleek straight hair is real? Thought not!)

2. Can I touch it?

3. Why did you cut your hair? So you’re natural now huh..? So what are you going to do with your hair now?

4. Don’t you feel different/weird, you know without your long hair?

5. Do you comb your hair?

6. How do you get your hair to do that? Are you mixed? Will I be able to maintain my hair in it’s natural state?

7. You don’t intend to go out like that do you?

8. How are you going to get a job with such statement hair?

9. How do you wash it?

10. So you’re never getting a relaxer? Why don’t you just get a relaxer? You hair would be so long…

*SIGH* Ridiculous right?! Okay ladies and or gents… Your Turn! What’s your most hated and annoying natural hair question? How do you respond to some of these annoying hair questions?

Don’t be shy… Leave your answer in the comment section below.