My D.I.Y Deep Condition & ACV Rinse

April 16, 2014 in HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba


Hey Beauties… Here’s one of my FAV quick Homemade D.I.Y Natural Hair Care remedies! When I need to freshen up my matted, old and tired Kinky Kurly Koily Tresses I achieve this with an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse and an Egg, Mayo and Honey, protein rich, DEEP conditioner.

I use the ACV Rinse to restore my curls, shine and cleanse my hair and scalp without stripping my hair of its natural oils and leaving it with a lot of luster. I then follow up with a deep conditioner using egg, mayo and honey. Sometimes I do this treatment adding oils from my oil mix such as, olive oil, coconut oil and or almond oil.


Benefits of ACV Rince:

Balances the PH in your hair

Removes build up without stripping your hair

Natural hair loss treatment

Relieves dandruff and itchy scalp



Benefits of Deep Conditioning:

Prevents hair breakage

Promotes moisture retention

Promotes healthy and lengthy hair growth

Strengthens hair

Restores shine and elasticity of kinks, curls and coils



1) Apple Cider Vinegar

2) Water

3) Mayo

4) Honey

5) ONE/TWO eggs (dependent on the fullness, length and protein sensitivity of your hair).



1) Mixing Bowl

2) Jug

3) Fork/Spoon/Wisk (either or)

4) Butterfly clips for sectioning

5) Applicator Bottle (optional)

6) Conditioning/shower cap




What I tend to do is measure a small amount of ACV and add it to about three times as much water! You should idealy be aiming to add one part ACV to three/four parts water.

Then once that’s prepped in my jug and or applicator bottle I then start to prep my deep conditioner. With this I crack open and add ONE/TWO eggs to a bowl, I then add four to six spoons of mayo to the egg and MIX. Once I’ve mixed the two I add some honey to my mixture for a little extra MOISTURE AND SHINE! I simply ‘gestimate’ with the amount of honey I add but for argument sake we’ll say about two to three spoons of honey should be more than enough. I then thoroughly MIX this deep conditioner together.

I GENEROUSLY apply the ACV to my hair ensuring I massage it into my scalp and my hair. I leave the ACV Rinse to sit on my hair for about five to ten minutes and then rinse it out. After I’ve rinsed the ACV out i then coat my hair in the egg, mayo and honey deep conditioner mix. I start by coating it all over my hair and then I part my hair into sections and apply the mixture generously to each section. BE WARNED THIS PART CAN GET A BIT MESSY!!! Make sure you get into each section and really saturate the hair.

Once you’ve finished saturating and covering you entire hair, place a conditioning/shower cap over your hair and let the conditioner sit on your hair for 30-45 minutes.


When your time is up thoroughly wash out the mixture from your hair. After rinsing out ALL of the homemade conditioner, follow up with your regular conditioner to make sure all the mixture is OUT!!

WHOOP WHOOP I’ve got my Kinky Kurly Koily Tresses BACK!! YAAAAAAY!! 😀

FINALLY I like to simply spray on a little oil mixture on to my hair  to moisturise and seal my strands. In this mixture I infuse both carrier and essential oils, these include; Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil,  Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil.

HOPE THAT HELPED. Happy Healthy Hair Journey Naturalites!

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