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Welcome to the blog dedicated to “Uniting A Queendom Of Curls” I hope the content curated here inspires you in more ways than one. Ladies you are gold! Our hair is this texture on purpose, every kink, every curl, every coil designed to a textured perfection.


Educated, Creative, Afrocentric Natural QUEEN. I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt & friend. A young and NATURAL Undergraduate from London on the road to self-discovery. Superior in creative arts, everything Hair related & project management, with a proficiency in networking, social media monitoring and teaching.

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin. Obsessed with having such a REGAL sense of self that my sheer presence makes those ignorant souls powerless in the face of imposing their societal pressures & prejudices upon my Queendom.

Profession: Graduate, Aspiring Teacher (with dreams of building schools of my own back home in Sierra Leone, Inshallah!) and Founder/Blogger for Unconditioned Roots.

I love my hair because it is MY statement of SELF-LOVE, one part of an AMAZINGLY UNIQUE culture and form of identity! I am an enthusiast of AFRICA & AFRO’s, my natural Crown signifies this. Every Kink, Every Curl, every Coil designed to a textured PERFECTION. And thus I decided to create a platform that positively exposes the identity, beauty, versatility and uniqueness of natural hair.


This journey has enabled me to wholeheartedly embrace and explore what my hair is capable of. With this I want to bring awareness and acceptance of identity despite the texture, or length of one’s hair. I aim to empower and inspire women worldwide to embrace their natural hair and be proud of what they were born with, and I feel that through Unconditioned Roots, my hair trials and triumphs, women WORLDWIDE will embrace who they are and all that they stand for.

I hope this blog serves purpose and adds value in your life, your natural hair journey and thereafter. Embrace your Unconditioned Roots, Stay Fabulously Fierce and don’t settle for less than!




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  1. “I love my hair because it is MY statement of SELF-LOVE.” Beautifully stated! Thank you for taking the time to create a place that celebrates and encourages self love among women. I truly enjoyed reading about you and your mission, and I look forward to getting in touch 🙂

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