Its Never Just Hair…


The Miss-education of The ‘Neggro’

Hey Ladies!

So sometime this week I received this image below on my social media platforms, instagram and facebook, and merely viewing it had a number of thoughts flooding through my mind! The sad truth that is is some cases the every day life of a Black Woman *sighs*

photo (6)


That being said I’d like to shed a little smidgen of light on this sad truth, here’s one part of my two sense!

“The Miss Education of the ‘Negro’ In my perfect opinion this extract above is JUST THAT!  

At what point can we really say I DONT care what you think about me? When will we be comfortable enough within our own melanin  and hold our Crowns of Glory with our heads held high? Despite societal pressures and prejudices?

Yes we can not determine the myopic minds of others and dictate for them how they should or shouldn’t think but we can leave them POWERLESS by having such a STRONG regal sense of self that their young ignorance doesn’t matter!! It doesn’t matter what you think of me for I know what I think of myself! #QUEEN!!”

Ladies and or Gentlemen your thoughts and opinions please? Are all kindly welcomed! You’re most welcomed and encuraged to leave a comment below or start trending a new topic in the forum!

Ladies don’t loose sight of your being in the face of broken societal norms and or ignorance! YOU ARE ALL QUEENS! Remember the QUEEN in you will only flourish once you accept and embrace your reflection!