Hair Typing: Necessity Or Nuisance?

July 6, 2014 in HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Hey ladies let’s talk hair typing necessity or nuisance? Lets talk texture/curl ‘Discrimination’

Do you believe there to be texture/curl discrimination within our beautiful community? Do type 3Hair women get more recognition than type 4Hair women? If so why do you believe this to be so? What are your views on what seems to be a frequent emerging topic of curl/texture discrimination?

In my opinion hair typing is solely a necessity where it regards helping you to better understand your hair, its hair care and style requirements. Anything after that is rather unnecessary and can spur hair type jealousy and false expectations of what your hair was not designed to look like or do. Hair is hair point blank period, all hair requires the correct hair care, nurturing, patience and consistency in order for it to thrive so getting caught up in hair typing can defeat the entire purpose of embracing your natural hair as your setting standards and false expectations of your hair to be what it’s not. It can equally transform into another system of divide. For example I could have the exact same hair type as someone else and our hair will react differently to products and hair care regimens. I think it is beneficial for styling, as different hair types hold different styles better than others. 

That said, there are other hair properties like porosity and thickness that are important to consider but are not specific to any one hair type. Hair typing does not consider, dryness, porosity, strength.. etc it is based on textures. Moreover you rarely find a Black African woman who has solely one hair type on her whole head (I have a few!), more often than not you will find different textures. So just based on these few reasons some may deem hair typing as more of a nuisance than a necessity when used incorrectly. Also hair typing breeds the question of false idolising of pertained Naturalistas due to their hair type although their hair type may not relate to yours personally and or their hair practices have no benefit to the way in which you care for your own hair personally. For example the arising discussion of Natural Hair Vloggers with type 3 hair receiving more publicity & recognition than type 4 (particularly 4c) hair Vloggers solely due to their curlier, less kinky hair type. All of which creates divide amongst the natural hair community, putting us back into a classified box similar to that of relaxers/perms.

So ladies how can we as a community make a positive change to ensuring we do not relapse nor find ourselves inadvertently creating another form of suppression, self hate, comparison and “curl supremacy” amongst us?? Please comment below!


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