Hair Tool Essentials

June 7, 2014 in UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

hair tool essentials

Hey Ladies!

Lets talk Hair Tool Essentials! As we’re aware that the BEST way to detangle and manage your natural hair is via your beautiful HANDS! As finger detangling is ideally the best way to detangle and manage your hair. Reasons being you can feel the knots and kinks and separate and tend to them appropriately whereas combs aren’t as detective, gentle and subtle.

However, essential hair tools can provide you with that extra ease and your hair with that extra TLC. So in a nut shell hair tools are not entirely bad! Tools range from combs, to plastic conditioning caps, to steamers, to Afro picks, satin pillow cases, leave in conditioners etc. Simply use them correctly, be gentle and have patience with your hair. Below are a list of some of my favourite and trusted hair tools:

Favourite Hair Tools:

Wide Tooth Comb, Hard Plastic Comb (for detangling)

Hard Plastic Vent Brush

Steamer, Over Head Dryer ( for deep conditioning and hot oil treatments)

Plastic Conditioning Caps (for deep conditioning and hot oil treatments)

METAL FREE Hair Bands, Ponytail Holders, Scrunchies, Hair Toggles (You get the gist Lol)

Satin Bonnet or Scarf

Daily Conditioner

Heat Protectant – Ladies go EASY on the heat! Over use of heat on your hair WILL cause damage and breakage. When using heat on your hair ensure that you are using a heat protectant and your hair is well prepared prior, also use the lower temperatures to minimise any potential strain on your hair from the heat.

Leave in Conditioner – Help to moisturise and define your kinks & curls. Additionally majority of leave in conditioners provide a luscious sleek slip which allows for you to detangle your easily.

Satin Pillow Case

Sectioning Clips – ESSENTIAL! Ladies it’s rather important to separate your hair into sections using clips, when detangling as tending to your hair at once could be damaging to your strands and isn’t the smartest. Furthermore to avoid causing unnecessary strain on your hair avoid combing your hair often and maintain low manipulation hair styles. Keep manipulation of your hair to a minimum.

Hair Sheers, Hair Scissors (to trim split ends!)

Spray Bottle – Ladies remember HYDRATION!! HYDRATION!! HYDRATION!!

Satin Saviours – Ladies there are several Night time hair preservation means (ways to preserve your hair at night) and thus bring us to out SATIN SAVIOURS!  Satin material promotes & allows moisture retention and prevents your hair from becoming dry & brittle in the morning.  Therefore you should wrap your hair either using a satin scarf, wearing a satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillow case.  Putting your hair into a Pineapple at night is also very useful for preserving your gorgeous styles such as wash & go’s, braid outs, twist outs, super curl defined puffs etc. 

Happy Healthy Hair Journey XOXO







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