Tress Talk With Wolfgang Lisborg

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Hair Talk with Wolfgang Lisborg

Hey Ladies, Unconditioned Roots is not exclusive to solely Natural Women as such we LOVE promoting, embracing and encouraging what seems to be the occasional Natural men! With that here is an exclusive interview with the GORGEOUS Nubian King Wolfgang Lisborg. Here he exposes the life & journey of his BEAUTIFUL natural hair and sheds some light on what it’s like to be a natural male in the 21st century, trials, tribulations, triumphs & words of encouragement!


Hey Natural Nubian… Kindly introduce yourself!

Afternoon, everyone my name is Wolfgang Lisborg and I’m a rising Natural Hair Enthusiast. I was born and raised half my life in Denmark, Europe but now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. Some of my occapations lean to the arts such as: fashion/portrait photographer, dancer, and being a visionary, and voice-over artist.

Have you worn your Natural Hair all since birth? If not how long have you been natural and what spurred you to return to you natural tresses?

Oh, most definitely since day 1 til this very day. Never would’ve traded it for anything, I enjoy showing and expressing my unique trait (having natural hair).


Did you receive immediate acceptance having been newly natural? What were the reactions of those around you? How was your newly natural self-received by others?

NO!!! In my West African background, from when I first moved here from Europe. They were high in dislike if a male had any type of hair. Some people like my mother were totally against me having hair to the fullest along with some of my aunts and uncles. As I moved in with my father for the first later he allowed me to grow my hair. Since up in Massachusetts, USA everyone enjoyed each other expressing their roots a bit more then where I use to be. Other than my family my friends as well as other diverse individuals all accepted my hair because, I walked with self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and confidence. To the point where anyone would enjoy the fact that I have so much hair.

As a black male who wears their natural hair do you have to overcome any barriers in society?

The thing with that is I grew up fast as a youngster so, unnecessary barriers that other individuals set to make someone feel pointless and degrading doesn’t bother me. Simply because, I accept and appreciate myself for who I am as an individual. Other that, I continue to build meaningful bonds with others whom have a mindset to prosper within their lives.


Do you believe there to be stereotypes and misconceptions of black men and their natural hair?

Yes, indeed! There’s terrible levels of stereotypes and misconceptions within the overall society but, primarily in my opinion towards black men with natural hair. It’s to the point where some people(elderly & some mid aged) have stayed by the “looks” back when they were growing up as how a men should keep their hair. Though some may love the fact that a man expresses their hair. There are those whom see it as being feminine and nothing else. It’s sad!! 🙁

In you experience would you say managing natural hair is mentally and or physically demanding?

No, not at all. To some it may be but, honestly to me my hair is a representation of my character so if I’ve been lazy, my hair will show it. Meaning that whatever I set my character to be, it’ll show through my hair. Making it not so demanding to manage your my hair.


Kindly tell us your 3 most HOTTEST must have hair products?

Oh my goodness, a most definitely is the “ORS Grapeseed & Almond Oil”, Tresemme “Touchable Softness” Shampoo/Conditioner, Sewlcustoms Peppermint Oil!

What’s the most popular questions you get about your natural hair? Pros & or cons?

Pros: “How do you get it to do that”, “What products do you use”, “How do I get mine to do that”, “How did it take for you to grow that”, “Do you do your own hair”!

Cons: “Why do you have long hair”, “What are you mixed with”, “Is that all your hair”, “You’re not all the way black, what are you”, “How’d you get good hair” there’s more but it’s just ridiculous!


*SNIP SNIP SNIP* How often do you trim your hair?

*Drum rolllllllll*, I don’t! Just letting it be itself as I do as well!

What are your TOP TIPS for healthy, lengthy, successful hair growth & maintenance you have for our natural men?

Wow, TOP TIPS!! First of all, to all my G’s enough with following the trends these music artists and celebrities pursue. Match your hair with something that reflects upon your character. In terms of health, enough bleaching it primarily strips your hair of it’s natural keratin it releases to keep your hair intact. I recommend these strong oils for any brother: Lavender, Rosemary, and Peppermint oil! These oils help stimulate blood flow in your scalp so that your hair follicles can substain the growth of your hair. But, with all that being said the main things to keep in mind is to simply let your hair be itself. Second, doing oil washes is a perfect way to keep your hair healthy. Lastly, is the acknowledgement of “patience”! Your hair doesn’t become afroistic in just a day, it’s the process of growth that produces that. Which leads into how growing your hair leads into your overall character. As you let your hair grow so should you overall personal.


Let’s talk HAIR REGIMEN! What does your current/staple hair regimen consist of? How does your hair respond to this?

My regimen is very simple like I mean simple, lol! I wash my hair everyday or every other day with Tresemme “Touchable Softness” Shampoo/Conditioner. If by any chance I don’t feel like conditioning my hair I’ll do an oil wash. I’m currently out of the oils I’m about to name but, these are the ones I use. “ORS Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oil” or “Sewlcustoms Peppermint Oil”. What this consist of is, presetting my hair with oil before I go to sleep. Then when I wake up I rinse my hair with hot/warm water, note I don’t aim to rinse the oil out, I’m rinsing my hair with water. After that I choose how I wish for my hair to look and BAM that’s it. I’m very low with manipulating my hair because, the less stress dealt to it the more it’ll grow comfortably. 😀

What is your ultimate hair goal?

My ultimate hair goal honestly is to reach this length I saw in this one picture of this guy who had like a arm bracelet and he had about 3-5 gold chains around his neck. While having his hair just out like lion. But, I’m really aiming for that wisdom look with that massive volume head of hair passed my shoulders when my hair is just chillin’!


Do you believe returning back to natural to be a statement? If so of what sort?

Know what’s interesting about that! It’s not too much of a statement to me because, reflectively during the times of racism. People who were natural already represented themselves as who they are and that was a statement within itself. Now, the whole “movement” when time passed, when many people got relaxers to this present time. And, now everyone wishes go back to being natural. That to me isn’t to much of a statement simply because, we were already stating that from the beginning.

Have you made any mistakes/ experienced any natural hair disasters? If so what? And what advice would you give to other natural men?

Lord have mercy, yes I have! I was about 2 years into one of my previous growths. And, I trusted a cousin of mine to edge my baby hairs which I thought he knew what was. But, only to figure out that he dragged my hair line back 2 1/2 inches back. Resulting in me having to shave my head in 2011 in February. Now, for all my brothers please make sure you entrust yourself in making the right decisions. Because, it hits me everyday that my hair would’ve been 5 years in length n more if I didnt let that happen. Another thing that was terrible, “gel”. I use to think that since gel made my curls pop, it was good to continously use it. The sad thing was, the dandruff was crazy while in class my would produce “snow”! It was terrible, but now I know what to put in my hair. As I stays nourished now!


Has being natural dispelled any myths you previously had of “black hair?”

This is probably the best question to ask, lmaooo! Yes, it has a bit. Growing up here in the States it was always stated that blacks can’t achieve “good hair”! I fell victim to that foolish so called myth because, as a youngster in the States. I primarily saw young blacks girl with permed hair or have weave in their hair  growing up. So, as a got older and black girls who didn’t have perms started to emerge. I would ask that frequently asked question, “what are you mixed with”? But, since I achieved my ultimate hair texture. Which was having my hair naturally shine, and later accepted that anyone can achieve “good hair”. By simply embracing and loving their.

As a natural man do you have a go-to hairstyle and if so how do you achieve and maintain it?

I have a couple well a few actually, mostly kiddie ones. My main one is when I part my hair in the middle and rock two puffballs. If I want to showoff my waves I’ll do a low bun with my hair pulled back. Lastly, is to just wear it out just like when I was a kid. Lol!


What are your thoughts on Black Men & Women embracing their natural hair?

It’s something that should be expressed more within the community. What some people don’t seem to understand is there’s a lack of culture in the overall black community, pertaining towards hair in this case. You see having the unique trait(Natural Hair) is something we’re blessed with and should be appreciative while being acceptant of what we represent as a whole. Plus, another thing is our hair is a representation of our culture, roots, and race. And, if it continues to be ignored then both sexes will forget to be involved with their roots/culture and they’ll fall victim to being unable to express themselves.

Do you believe Black Men to prefer their Nubian Queens to wear their NATURAL hair? And why?

Yes, indeed! Some guys actually won’t say that but, if their able to get a woman right then and there that has weave they’ll settle with that. But, we all prefer our Nubian Queens to understand and embrace their natural hair as, well as their beauty. Because, the best way to indulge in a relationship is when both individuals have an understanding within themselves before they embark on that journey. Lastly, it makes it all wonderful to know that you don’t need “add-ons” to look wonderful when you should already know that we enjoy you all being natural. 🙂


What one piece of advice and word of encouragement would you give someone who’s considering going back to their natural hair?

Forget the fact that your hair grows and just make sure you nourish it with nutrition.

Here’s one of my quotes: “A representation of ones original aspect of style isn’t necessarily upon what “is” worn but, “how” it’s worn and “expressed”! Self-Expression is key to sharing your character when displaying boldness – Wolfgang Lisborg


Latterly, where can our readers find and reach out to you (Online)?