Tress Talk With Patrice

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Hair Talk With Patrice


Hey Natural Nubian… Kindly introduce yourself!

Hello there my name is Patrice Renée and I am a Naturalista that loves to evolve and try different things with my hair. I am also a third grade teacher and I love my students. You can usually either catch me singing with them or wearing some type of bright colors!

Have you worn your Natural Hair all since birth? If not how long have you been natural and what spurred you to return to you natural tresses?

I actually started out with a head full of thick, natural hair from birth to about 12 years old but soon wanted my first perm. Every since I was a little girl I was fascinated with my hair. I wasn’t allowed to get a perm until I was 12 years old but once I got one I decided I wanted a short crop. My Mommy reluctantly let me get my first perm but also allowed me to get a short haircut just like Toni Braxton! I was elated but… I was soon ready to try box braids like Brandy and Patra. You couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t fly! After many years of rocking a Just for Me box perm, I grew tired of my hair stinging from the relaxer process every 6-8 weeks. I decided to become a Naturalista and I did the big chop. I big chopped twice, once in 2010 and again in 2013 and have now been enjoying a transition style as my natural tresses grow back.

Did you receive immediate acceptance having been newly natural? What were the reactions of those around you? How was your newly natural self-received by others?

Originally I didn’t really receive too much feedback because I don’t really think cutting all your hair off was that big as it is now. My boyfriend at the time was extremely supportive of me and encouraged me to get back to my natural tresses. My parents were very supportive also. When I went back to school to teach with my new hairstyle my students actually loved it and told me it looked great. I never went back to a perm after that big chop. I just grew it out into a fro and cut it short again just for a different look.


Tell us about your hair stages! Did you transition? Did you big chop? If so tell us about your TWA stages!

Okay so I’ve had many hair stages. I did not transition at all. I just cut it all off. The first stage was hard because my edges were so thin from stress and with a big chop you can’t hide those edges. I eventually got tired of it so I just wore wigs until my edges grew back.

Do you believe there to be stereotypes and misconceptions of black women and their natural hair?

I do believe there to be stereotypes and misconceptions with black women and their natural hair. A lot of the time black women are judged by the texture of the hair. If it’s not super curly and sleek it may be considered nappy and unruly and if it’s short and twisted it may not be looked at as professional.

In you experience would you say managing natural hair is mentally and or physically demanding?

In my experience I don’t think that natural hair is mentally or physically demanding at all. You just have to have a passion to maintain natural hair and you’re good to go!


Kindly tell us your 3 most HOTTEST must have hair products?

–       Tangle Teaser (Amazon)

–       Organic Tub of Coconut Oil (Sam’s Club)

–       ASIAM Twisting Cream (CVS)

What’s the most popular questions you get about your natural hair? Pros & or cons?

How do you get those curls?

How do you maintain the softness?

*SNIP SNIP SNIP* How often do you trim your hair?

Once every 2 months

What are your TOP TIPS for healthy, lengthy, successful hair growth?

Use Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and DEEP CONDITION

Let’s talk Hair Typing! Necessity or Nuisance? What’s your hair type and what are your views on hair typing?

I’m 3c/4c I think it’s nice to have an idea of what your hair type is so you can talk to other natural women who may also have tips for your hair.


What are your favourite MUST HAVE staple products for the following (those that apply)

Conditioner: Aussie Conditioner

Deep Conditioner: Aussie Conditioner

Sealant: Black Jamaican Castor Oil

Scalp: Coconut Oil

Pre Poo: Aussie

Protein Treatment: Eggs/Mayonnaise

Heat Protection: Tresemme Heat Protectant

Let’s talk HAIR REGIMEN! What does your current/staple hair regimen consist of? How does your hair respond to this?

My hair regimen consists of a mixture of coconut oil, water, and ASIAM twisting cream in a spray bottle. My hair LOVES it! Sometimes I switch it up and use Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls


Do you believe returning back to natural to be a statement? If so of what sort?

It’s definitely a statement of natural beauty! I love that so many women are embracing their natural roots

Has being natural dispelled any myths you previously had of “black hair?”

Not at all. I realize we all have different types of hair and it’s a blessing to embrace your hair texture no matter what it is.

What is your go-to hairstyle and how do you achieve it?

So because I absolutely LOVE BIG HAIR… my go to style is either the curly fro or the two strand twist out fluffed out.

How do you achieve and sustain your infamous Twist outs?

I try my best to spray it each night for moisture and also to use some type of protectant like the ASIAM twisting cream mixed with a small amount of Coconut Oil.

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What one piece of advice would you give someone who’s considering going back to their natural hair?

Be yourself and do what works best for your face. Don’t try to do what someone else did. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair. If you aren’t happy with a style it’s ok to try a new style.

Latterly where can our readers find and reach out to you (Online)?

Tumblr: Patty-Pepper

Instagram: Patty_Pepper

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