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June 11, 2014 in Interviews, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Hair Talk with Abena Hagan Founder of Curls Au Naturel

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Hey Natural Nubian… Kindly introduce yourself!

My name is Abena Hagan, the owner and founder of Curls Au Naturel a hair care treatment centre, providing essential treatments for your hair based on your hair aspirations.

Have you worn your Natural Hair all since birth? If not how long have you been natural and what spurred you to return to you natural tresses?

No I have not worn my natural hair since birth. I got my first relaxer at 13years old. I did my big chop June 21st 2013. Initially I went natural because I could. But now I’ve gained a greater understanding of the natural hair community and what it means to be natural which has helped and continues to help me to embrace my inner deity.

Did you receive immediate acceptance having been newly natural? What were the reactions of those around you? How was your newly natural self-received by others?

Yes I did, everyone was really supportive and acceptive; although they didn’t understand why I was doing it at first.

Tell us about your hair stages! Did you transition? Did you big chop? If so tell us about your TWA stages!

I hadn’t relaxed my hair in 6 months+ as I only relaxed my hair twice a year. With that I just did a big chop. I protective styled my TWA for about 3months and once I removed them my hair had just GROWN!

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Do you believe there to be stereotypes and misconceptions of black women and their natural hair?

Yes. I think we’ve been made to believe that straight hair is more beautiful and presentable so we’ve been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe everyone should have that European look and anything else immediately defines you as less  than. There’s nothing wrong with a weave but it shouldn’t define you! A lot of females hide behind their European looks which I believe is wrong. Your hair is an extension of your beauty not the sole criterion. Other people have the misconception of natural hair being nappy but it’s not. Yes there are a lot of misconceived and perpetuated myths, stereotypes and misconceptions of black women and their natural hair.

In you experience would you say managing natural hair is mentally and or physically demanding?

Yes it is, but that’s the beauty of it. I believe growing and caring for your hair comes in stages, in order for you to be able to manage your hair when it gets to your hair goal length, you should be able to manage it when it’s a TWA. As your hair grows you grow with it and your knowledge of your hair grows too. Put simply LOVE & LEARN your roots and your hair will forever be manageable!

Do you believe that these misconceptions prohibit women from taking interest in their natural hair?

Yes! If you’re uneducated about your natural hair you’ll  fall prey to the misleading societal norms which will inevitably make you feel inferior about proudly wearing your mane.

Kindly tell us your 3 most HOTTEST must have hair products?

Curls Au Naturel  Unrefined Shea Butter

Curls Au Naturel Unrefined Coconut Oil

Curls Au Naturel Multi Purpose Hair Conditioner

What’s the most popular questions you get about your natural hair? Pros & or cons?

“Ooo Abena girl how do you manage your hair being so thick?!”

I simply respond along the lines of.. “That’s so easy with consistent hair treatments (by myself) my hair has all the essential nutrients it needs to maintain its softness, moisture and length.”

*SNIP SNIP SNIP* How often do you trim your hair?

I trim my hair when necessary. But currently my hair is in good health and to promote and retain hair length I haven’t cut it in the last year. However I may give it a neat trim sometime this summer.

What are your TOP TIPS for healthy, lengthy, successful hair growth?

I cannot stress or emphasise enough on the importance of owning at least two spray bottles!! (LOL) MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE! Ladies WATER is your best friend.

Minimise the use of heat on your hair. Instead stretch your hair out using heatless methods such as threading, banding or tension method.

Protective styles are oh so necessary! Ladies protective styles are a GREAT way to keep your hair (ends) protected from the elements, for example box braids or marley twists in the winter. Or a simple bun and flat twist updo.

GOLDEN TIP – PATIENCE!! Ladies Rome wasn’t built in a day. Please exercise patience with your beautiful crowns, love and learn your roots. With a generous amount of patience, good hair practice and consistency you hair will THRIVE!

Hair Typing.. Necessity or Nuisance? Whats your hair type and what are your views on hair typing?

I don’t believe in hair typing, because hair is HAIR. Talk about societal stereotyping but we tend to stereotype our own hair even in the natural community and hair typing is the essence of this stereotype. In my personal opinion hair is hair POINT BLANK PERIOD! All hair needs TLC so the type shouldn’t matter.

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Let’s talk HAIR REGIMEN! What does your current/staple hair regimen consist of? How does your hair respond to this?

I change my hair regimen frequently because I have to test theories on my hair to determine whether they’re suitable for my clients. The most recent regimen I’ve had is co-washing my hair daily and styling my hair with a simple wash and go for a week.

Do you believe returning back to natural to be a statement? If so of what sort?

It’s not a statement it’s a way of life and a realisation!

Have you made any mistakes/ experienced any natural hair disasters? If so what? And what advise would you give to other naturals?

Yes I have, haven’t we all?! Lol. I did a twist out and it didn’t dry completely and the result was a MESS! Also I’d style my hair during the day and it was the BOMB! I went to bed without re-twisting and or tying my hair up assuming I’d wake up like that the next morning.. FLAWLESS.. LOL I woke up far from flawless needless to say.

Has being natural dispelled any myths you previously had of “black hair?”

Yes, the infamous myth of natural hair being unkempt and unmanageable. LIES! Natural hair isn’t beautiful. LIES!  It’s when you don’t know about it that you’re open to such ignorance but the truth is natural hair is BEAUTIFUL and just as manageable as any other hair type.

What is your go-to hairstyle and how do you achieve it?

It used to be twist outs, then puffs, then buns but currently it’s a simple wash and go.

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What one piece of advice would you give someone who’s considering going back to natural?

Going back to your natural hair is the best decision you can make for your hair because there is so much information and support nowadays.

Any words of encouragement?

We’re all here to help you are NOT alone.

Should natural hair get greater media coverage in the UK and why?

Oh YES! There are not enough of us! Natural hair is scarce in the media here in the UK. We need all the promotion; support we can get as we need to educate and empower one another to embrace all that is ourselves!

Latterly where can our readers find and reach out to you (Online)?

You can catch me on any one of these platforms below! XOXO


Intagram: curls_aunaturel

Facebook: curls au naturel

Twitter: curlsaunaturel

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