Dear Nubian Sister: A Letter Of Enlightenment

July 7, 2014 in UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Guest Post

A Letter of Enlightenment…

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Good Day Queens!

I would like to share with you a segment of (in my opinion) enlightenment. A guest post if you may. The author of this post is a respectable Nubian King whom embodies all that is Afrocentricity with passionate perceptions and beliefs on the rising & development of the black African community,  African Economics and culture. As such Afrocentricity is blossoming into a way of life, religion, culture, perception, lifestyle and mannerism for this King.

This is (in my opinion) a respectable response to sisters whom base their line of defence against the “politics of weave/fake hair” on what seems to be a myopic “supply and demand” mindset, and or belief. For example many women will debate that “Caucasian, Asian, Latino people wear weaves but when black women do its a problem…” OR “what I do with my money is no ones business” (to an extent is understandable and hold small truths) OR “…It’s called business that’s how the world works, its called supply & demand” however on a grand scale Black African women are the LARGEST consumers of fake hair and truthfully black African people as a race are the LARGEST consumers of every and anything that isn’t Black Produced/owned of which reverts to the lack of African Economics (as I earlier expressed in my previous blog post) amongst us as a people in comparison to these other Ethnicities Black people are drawn to call upon as a means of justification e.g. Asian & Jewish communities. On a basis of Economics & Finance, collectively, weave’s/fake hair is a multi billion dollar/pound industry which ONLY benefits the Asian despite Black Africans being the LARGEST consumers. In my opinion that definitely shows a lack of self love, and racial pride (personally speaking as I used to hide behind my weaves before I went natural.. another story for another day)  So in terms of finance and economics we as a culture & race fuel the weave industry, whereby those same billions of pounds/dollars SHOULD be going back into our communities #ImJustSaying!

This post condemns NO ONE! But seeks to educate, enlighten, encourage and empower women to choose THEIR hair first and foremost!! Their hair above all else. And anything after that is simply style preference. #CultivatingMinds!

That being said the extract below is a letter to sisters, of which sheds some light on a different perspective of the “politics of weave” and I hope many of you are enlightened! ENJOY XOXO

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Dear Sister,

I read your message with an open mind and I hope you can read my reply too equally as open-minded. I won’t debate with you about ratios of white n black people, I will just make my point based on what you have said so here goes:

First and foremost, this highlights how ‘black’ women as a COLLECTIVE BUYING POWER spend their money and not just how you one spend your money so you need to look at the total picture n not just yourself. You made it personal by solely looking at yourself.

Secondly, if millions upon millions if not billions of white people WORLDWIDE not just America WORLDWIDE started sowing in an African persons Afro/kinky/wooly (whatever name you want) hair into their head, I’m 99.9% sure you would think something is just NOT quite right that the majority of their women sow another humans hair into their head that does not reflect their own hair or culture (to all readers, please don’t come at me with an individual example of “my mum is Indian n my hair grows straight etc” if the billions of ‘black’ people worldwide grew out their hair, only a minority fraction would represent this example)

Thirdly, you are a part of the group that enrols into college the most; ‘black’ women yet as nice as that sounds what use is it if that same group’s community and ethnic group  is what also makes up the following group; the lowest collective earners, the ones with the least businesses started and operated by themselves, the group with high high rates of crime, unemployment & so on & on. What good is it, if after 111 years ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN YEARS (how many generations have come and gone in that time) the ‘talented tenth’ still cannot help and better the ‘untalented ninetieth’ clearly that education isn’t as beneficial as it should be or there is something wrong with those ‘black’ graduates frame of mind because all other ethnic groups have their college graduates think tanks whose intellect serves their people by bettering their condition (e.g. building places of worship that aren’t government funded, private schools, community centres etc) so sorry but your education holds minimal substance if it doesn’t better your peoples conditions.

Let me just make a quick point about ‘business’ before I make my last point: economics is the formula that depicts ‘good’ business and ‘bad’ business. The equation of ‘Economics is PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION & CONSUMPTION: in this example and many many many more (our clothes, cars and all the material rubbish we lace ourselves with, our schools, our sports leagues etc follow the same principle) the following result is the case seen. We do not PRODUCE the hair, we hardly DISTRIBUTE it compared to the ones (Asians) who both PRODUCE and DISTRIBUTE it n even when we do, we are DISTRIBUTING another’s PRODUCE so the largest profits are already allocated to Asians and surprise surprise, we are the BIGGEST LARGEST CONSUMERS. This is BAD business as our money leaves our community and enters another community who spends it on developing their community, opening up more businesses that take more of our money.

Oh n just to add, even if you honestly ‘see the same amount of white’ people sowing in another humans dead hair, that still highlights a scary amount as white people account for over 70% of the American population and ‘black’ people account for just over 12% (I’m sure you are smart enough to work out what that means)

Lastly, It is foolishness to compare white and black because they do not suffer the collective economic crisis we do. The African American women spend an excess of six billion, SIX BILLION US DOLLARS $6,000,000,000 A YEAR on another humans dead hair whilst her races community is a ghetto shambles WORLDWIDE. They could use that money to offer employment and build places to educate our own. White people have multi-billion dollar industries, can offer so much places of education n employment that they can offer a fraction of it to people of other races plus they are collectively years ahead of ‘blacks’ on all levels relating to collectivity.

Now ask yourself and also all those who will support a self-centred perspective; what is more important “The individual or the collective group?”

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