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Screenshot_2014-07-14-11-10-28-1Hello There!

My name is Tracey Saint-Hilaire.

I am a natural hair enthusiast from Orlando, fl.

I recently cut my hair short but I’ve been natural for 2 and half years and boy was it a struggle!

I struggled with growth for a long time but through trial and error, I learned to keep my hands out of hair and leave it be if I wanted it to grow.

And that was my goal! Everyone made it seem it was easy to go natural but its not! You have to learn your hair and listen to what its needs are.

My favorite product are products from the Shea Moisture line and hair/natural oils preferably Castor oil because my hair is thick and Castor oil gives it the best TLC money can buy!
My favorite protective hairstyle is crochet braids and I have fallen IN LOVE with this style to the point it has become my normal go-to-style!

Advice I could share is never give up on your hair! It takes patience and time to understand and manage your natural hair.

Readers can find me on:
Instagram: Tracey Alorah
Facebook: Tracey Alorah
Youtube: Tracey Alorah


Tara Curl Friends

Hey Curl Friends!

My name is Tara also known as Taralindaa on Instagram. I’m a 30 year-old wife, mother and teacher of elementary school students.

I’ve been a Jersey girl all of my life and love living twenty minutes from its beautiful beaches!

Favorite products; let’s see, where do I begin?! I LOVE products. I went through a product junkie phase when I first went natural and was trying to find the best product for my hair type. It was a struggle and I tried just about every product on I recently fell in love with Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Collection. I use the sulfate free shampoo, conditioner to co-wash once and week and the masque once a week. That whole line makes my hair super soft and shiny. To style, I use Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in conditioner followed by the Goddess Curls gel by Curls. That has been a dynamic duo for me. The Denman brush has also been a great styling tool. I use it to add additional definition and clump my curls together. When I need to really cleanse my scalp, I use Giovanni’s Tea Tree Shampoo. That shampoo makes your scalp tingle and gives it a deep cleaning. I also love Giovanni’s Moisture Rich Conditioner for a protein boost.

My favorite go-to style is absolutely the wash and go. It took me forever to master it and I can’t stray away from it. That has become my every day look and I love it. On the third or fourth day of the wash and go, I throw my hair back into a ponytail with a ponytail holder wrapped around once to keep it big and fluffy.

I would say that the major myth that I may have had of natural hair is that you have to get trims every six weeks or two months in order for your hair to grow. When I first went natural, I got regular trims every two months that ended up being more than just a trim cutting off inches and in turn slowed down my growth. If you deep condition your hair, moisturize your ends and limit heat, you’ll find that your ends stay healthy and don’t need to be trimmed as often. I get a haircut at the Devachan Salon in NYC once or twice a year to maintain shape and trim only the very tips of my ends curl by curl every three months or so.

What I adore and love most about my natural hair is that the versatility is amazing. You can rock a wash and go for curls, change your curl pattern with a braid out or twist out, obtain a straight look with a roller set and rock a high bun or a super big ponytail on your lazy days. All the looks are different and cute.

Words of encouragement I’d love to give to those embarking on their Natural Hair Journey would be to LOVE your hair at all stages of your natural hair journey. Embrace shrinkage. Experiment with products. Don’t stress over frizz. Lastly, your hair is unique and naturally YOURS.



Hey Dolls!

My name is Denice Wallace, from West London, United Kingdom

I have been natural from birth (22 years) and my hair texture is around the 3c/4a category

I have always had natural hair so unlike most natural ladies I have not had permed hair to compare my growth and health to. I have realised that since did not need to big chop or transition, I am not as committed to my natural hair journeys as those who did. This is somewhat detrimental since I often take my hair and hair journey less seriously. I can be very nonchalant to the damage I put my hair through which can limit the potential length and health of my hair. On the plus side, I have had a very long intimate relationship with my hair and I have always been able to take full advantage of the versatility of natural hair to achieve all hairstyles I have wanted through the years.

My journey has been to achieve hair growth by limiting heat and focusing on the products and care my hair requires. I am still learning what my hair needs.

Big Hair mistakes: cutting a fringe, colouring my hair using dark and lovely boxes, constant use of hair straighteners, going to bed with an afro (I’m still working on that!)

Favourite products: Giovanni Direct Leave in conditioner, Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner, Giovanni tea tree shampoo, herbal essence hello hydration conditioner, Argon oil Eco-Styler Gel, Taliah Waajid Natural Kinky Wavy Natural Easy Herbal Comb Out, Jane carter nourish and shine.

Oils: Castor oil, Coconut oil, Argon oil, Tea tree oil. (Sometimes I mix them together)

My favourite go to style would be the puff with gelled edges. Sometimes it would be a wash and go puff, a blow-out puff or a Bantu knot puff. I LOVE Puffs 😉

Whether being natural has dispelled any myths I previously had of black hair… Yes. The two myths I’ve grown to unravel are:

  1. Water isn’t good for our hair. Keeping your hair moisturised is so important and water is the best product to use. I regularly co- wash, I detangle with a spray bottle containing oil and water and use water based moisturisers.
  2. Leaving your hair alone for week lets it grow. Not my hair! It really is high maintenance and required moisture at least once a week. So single plaits and long term weaves are not an option. I wear low manipulation styles but always moisturise my hair often.

What I love most about my natural hair is the body, texture and versatility.

Latterly I’d like to leave you with a few words of encouragement for those embarking on their natural hair journey; ladies it’s a long process, don’t make hasty decisions, be honest to yourself, stay educated, and regarding texture and goals it’s ok to have figures of inspiration that you may look up to in the world of natural hair however DON’T lose sight of YOUR beauty, this is YOUR journey and yes YOU are equally as BEAUTIFUL and your journey is most definitely inspiring others so don’t give up!


Lola FeatureHey Guys!

My name is Lola, my background is Bulgarian and Nigerian.

Although I am of a mixed descent my hair type is more afro and very thick.

I love wearing my hair in a curly afro (wash ‘n’ go).  It makes me feel wild and free!

When I was younger I used to hate my natural hair and I relaxed it (big mistake).  Chemicals and excessive straightening caused so much breakage and damage (it just looked horrible). During my time in university I was going through a phase of discovering myself and decided to go natural. This meant reducing heat on my hair, treating and trimming regularly. When having my hair straight I would only use the straighteners once a week (soon became once every 2 weeks) and learnt how to wrap my hair in the night to maintain my straight look. Embracing my afro in the beginning was tough because my curls weren’t defined properly and I had a lot of straight bits. I had to be patient and allow my hair to go back to its natural state (with the help of a few products).  I’m still going through my hair journey and open to new products and styles.

Favourite products: Palmers coconut oil (Deep conditioning Protein pack), Mixed chicks leave in conditioner; argon oil, coconut oil, Indian hemp and Elasta QP oil moisturizer

Favourite hair style: Wash ‘n’ Go

Currently seeking for a good shampoo for dry hair (the winter is messing with my hair)

My final words of encouragement would be to be patient and work with what you have. Ladies God knew what he was doing when he blessed you with your hair type!


mary gHi There!

My name is Mary G. I’m from Washington, D.C.

I big chopped in 2008 after years of being relaxed. I had no idea how I’d adjust to my lack of length, and a completely new texture. I jumped in feet first and went for it! The weekend after my big chop I went to a wedding where I saw tons of friends and I got plenty of “feedback”. Comments like, “you cut all that hair?”, “ok you’re doing the natural thing”, and “people would’ve paid for that kind of hair you had” filled the air. Despite the naysayers there were many that said positive things like “your hair is beautiful”, and “wow I can really see your face”. No matter what comments I heard I let them roll off my back because I loved my hair! I was so in love with seeing my “real” hair for the first time! That was over 2 years ago and I can’t believe it! When I first big chopped I couldn’t wait to see length but before I knew it I was two years in with “bra strap length” hair.

My favourite hair products are Nature’s blessing hair pomade, Eco styler gel, Untie the knot Leave in by Treluxe and Aussie’s 3 minute miracle conditioner. My favourite go to style would have to be a braid out; it looks amazing for at least a week and is super easy to style!

Being natural has helped me learn that “curly” hair is not “good” hair, every texture has its challenges, and no hair group has it easy because to that person the challenge is just that a challenge. Girls with wavy hair might struggle with limp thin hair that’s lacking of volume, girls with curly hair might struggle with major frizz, ladies with kinkier strands might fight to retain moisture, but each group has a struggle.

My words of encouragement to anyone who wants to go natural would be, make the choice for YOU not anyone else and don’t compare yourself to other naturals as hard as it is to avoid doing it’s important, fall in love with yourself from your hair to your toes! Ladies be CONFIDENCE is KEY! Naysayers feed off of insecurities don’t give them the pleasure of stripping you of your crown! Latterly TRIM your ends don’t be afraid to trim those ends ladies! It has played a major role in my length retention! Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

Mary G.

Natural hair blogger

Instagram: mg__03 (two underscores)




Hey Curlies!

My name is MoniQue Highsmith and I am from Philadelphia, Pa.

Products I use: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Line and I also make my own products

Favorite go to style: Afro puff or curly puff

What do I love about my natural hair: I love how I can put it in SO many different styles and not much woman like this but SHRINKAGE! I love how our hair can be shrink when you wash it, and can be stretched out! Embrace your shrinkage ladies!!

So you want to know why I went natural huh? Well, I was natural up to the age of until I decided to get a perm at 14. When I started to high school I was teased because of my natural hair. You know the common sayings, your hair is nappy, you look like a slave, etc. So I got my first perm at Empire Beauty School. The student that was giving me the perm, she didn’t take all the perm out. Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you are saying I should of beat her senseless. Sadly I didn’t. I didn’t notice anything until I washed my hair the next week. My ends were always dry and yep you guessed it clump, clump, clump my hair was falling out. After that, I didn’t get another perm until the next year. My mom did it and that was my last perm at age 15. Dealing with my uneven, split ends, thin hair I discovered dye. Age 15-17 I colored my hair from red to purple to blue. Yes I was going color crazy! So my ends were breaking once again and I was straightening my hair every day. I finally I got fed up! My hair wasn’t growing anymore (in my mind). So I wanted to try something new and going natural was what I had in mind. So I did some research and on YouTube I discovered Naptural 85. So as of October 2012, I cut 3 to 4 inches off. I was confident walking around with my curly puffs and twist outs. Now looking back at my hair from before to now, my growth is amazing.

You can reach me at:





Instagram: @naturallymoni42


wandcurl1Hey Ladies!

My name is Asea (pronounced Asia) and I am from Denver, Colorado, but I currently reside in Savannah, Georgia.

I’m a Track and Field athlete, natural hair stylist, YouTube Vlogger, and am working toward my Masters degree in Social Work. I love all things natural hair!

I have finally settled down and cuffed my four favorite products. The line up includes: Giovanni 5050 Conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave In, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo, and Crème Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. My favorite two sylers are Kyra’s Shea Medleys and Camillie Rose Naturals almond jai. It has been so refreshing to be on my natural hair journey!

My favorite go to hairstyle currently is twist outs. I love twist and curls, flat twist outs, two strand, and three strand twist outs. Embracing my natural hair has been a remarkable journey. My whole life, when I asked about my natural hair, I was told my hair was nappy and unruly and needed a perm. It made me feel like my natural hair was unacceptable. I felt that I had to conform to the “standard” of beauty my family and society set as desirable, which was, “straight hair is good hair”.

I never saw my natural texture until I big chopped. It was so liberating. I never thought that I would love the surprise hidden under years of perming. My kinky coily hair is fab-u-lous. I absolutely LOVE the versatility of my hair! It’s like a constant blank canvas that I get to paint daily! Our natural hair community has been excellent at disproving all mythology stating our naturally curly, kinky, and coily hair can’t grow.

To all my fellow sistas embarking on your natural journey, remember that your texture is unique and specific to you. It is a beautiful addition given only to you. Embrace your unique aspects of beauty and don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Patience is your best friend. When combined with diligence you will reach your healthy hair goal. Just stay true to you and unashamed of your curly, kinky, coily roots.

You can reach me at:

AseaMae Natural





“Let Us Redefine Beauty” 



My name is Sapphira; I’m 16 years old. I’m originally from Philadelphia, and I’m extremely energetic and bubbly.

I’m totally #teamsheamoisture. I love their Moisture Retention Line and their Purification Mask. It does wonders for my tightly coiled strands. My favourite oils are extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, Shea butter, and lastly to slick and define my hair I use my DIY flaxseed gel and my holy grail Curls Control Paste to keep those edges in check! My go to style is definitely mini twist. I love this hairstyle because it protects my hair from the harsh elements.

I believe the biggest myth that I’ve heard going around is that you can’t be beautiful or sexy with your natural hair. Lies! I feel so in touch with my natural beauty more than ever since rocking my hair in its natural state.

I absolutely love how HUGE my hair can get. It really adds so much character.

So just stay encouraged naturals, be consistent with keeping your hair well hydrated and be patient with your hair. I’ve learned not to compare myself to other naturals because that will only make your hair journey longer and extremely frustrating. Learn what works for you and embrace it! ❤


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Hello Ladies

My name is Olga Monique Anderson.

I am a black woman, wife, mother of 5, sister, friend, aunt, & daughter of the Most High.

I hail from New Orleans, LA and I love my natural hair!

When I was a little girl I was often called Chaka Khan. I got my hair pulled & was teased because of the bigness of my hair.  Why is your hair so thick?  Why is it so bushy? I hated my hair and had resigned to a big thick pony tail because I hated wearing my hair down.  I begged my mother to allow me to get my hair relaxed……she finally caved when I was 14, entering high school.  Needless to say, it was down my back but it would never return to its former glory. I tried every color, cut & style I could until I finally cut it really short.

After becoming a mother, including 3 girls, (15, 9 & 4)  I was faced with the task of taking care of their hair properly. I decided to teach them to love & embrace their crowns of glory.  About 4 years ago, I embarked on a natural hair journey for myself in hopes it would inspire my teenager who was not feeling the “natural way” I’d chosen for her by starting dreads when she was 6.  Upon entering middle school, she begged me to cut them & allow her to get micro braids (de ja vu, right).  I caved & we’ve struggled with her hair ever since.  She is now in full sew-in’s & I feel as if I failed her.

I vowed I would not make the same mistake with my younger girls, so I did the BC to lead by example.  After about 6 months, I gave in to the creamy crack because of the dreaded “in between fro only stage”.  As soon as I did it, I knew I’d made a terrible mistake.  Immediately, I vowed that I would transition back. That was about 1 year ago.  As of today, I am getting my “Chaka” back and I’m in love with my stress free, care free tresses. I am finally free of all remnants of relaxer! I do a wash n go and that’s it! I use any natural conditioner & coconut oil after I co-wash about every 3 days.  Bi-weekly, I also do an ACV rinse & a deep condition with organic honey, avocado and a raw egg.  I use the same regime on my girls except I only co-wash them weekly, then I do a protective style for the week, usually braids or twists with no pulling!  Lastly, absolutely no heat.

I wish I was this confident in my hair when I was growing up in the 80’s.  Instead of embarrassment, I would have felt pride.  All I can do now is instill that sense of pride in my girls.  One thing that has been a game changer for them is when I read the description of Jesus Christ’s hair out of the Bible.  I said, Jesus had hair like wool & skin of bronze.  We look like Jesus, I tell them and they think that is the most awesome news they could have ever heard!!

I have become a natural hair spokeswoman, in my own right, by encouraging every naturalista I see.  I tell them they are beautiful and to never give up.  I do this for others in hopes that one day someone else will reach my teen-aged daughter & help her realize that she is beautiful in her own natural state!

Much Love


RaynaHey Curlies!

My name is Rayna. I’m a 29 year old wife, mommy, naturalista and blogger from Los Angeles, California!

I’m obsessed with natural hair and love sharing, exploring and chatting about all things natural. I’ve been natural all of my life; however I went through a stage of always wanting to wear my hair bone straight where I severely damaged my curls. In 2011, I decided to chop my bra strap length hair to my chin and started my journey of not using any heat for a whole year. It was the best thing I ever did for my hair! While wearing my hair straight, I always assumed that any product would work for my “natural” hair. False! I’ve learned that you have to find what works for you, educate yourself on the ingredients of your products, understand your hair and give it patience and love and your hair will flourish!

Some of my favourite products include my Holy Grail beloved styler Eco Styler Gel which I use for my wash and go’s. A few of my favourite conditioners are Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Paul Mitchell the Conditioner. My absolute favourite go to style is my wash and go! When that gets old, I usually will rock my high curly puff.

I LOVE natural hair because it’s so versatile! You can do anything with natural hair, it’s never boring! I started a natural hair blog because I’m in love with natural hair and wanted to chat and help others when it comes to understanding and caring for our hair. I love sharing about products, tips and what I do to achieve healthy hair. I get a lot of new naturals asking me questions about what to do and even some who want to give up because it seems so overwhelming. So!

I just want to encourage anyone that wants to embark on their natural hair journey to first, do it! Second, educate yourself through YouTube and natural hair blogs, embrace your hair no matter your texture, never compare your hair to the next natural and lastly, remember that this is a journey and it takes patience so don’t give up! Your hair is beautiful and being natural is so liberating, awesome and fun!


shaneishaHey Ladies!

My name is Shaneisha Wofford from Long Beach, California, and my curl friend is my sister Blaire Wofford.

I would like to think that I was the first person in my family to embrace the whole natural hair movement, but I have always been taught to tell the truth. The truth is that I did not consciously make the decision to embrace the beauty of how my hair naturally grew out of my head; how my genes have dictated the marvellous coils that, with their kink, define my glorious source of existence. I was not the first of my family to be ok with how my Black hair is an extension of me, my being, my history; my younger sister was.

My favorite products are the simples: water, shea butter, coconut oil and EVOO. My go-to style is always my ever growing afro (my ultimate goal is to have that awesome Erykah Badu fro). Embracing my hair has dispelled my fallacious thinking of natural hair being unworkable and not versatile at all–but this is what I love most about my hair, its versatility.

My hair is an extension of me; it is a testament to my own personal growth. For everyone on their own journey in their natural hair path, remember, while society may have worked relentlessly to strip us of our royalty, let it be a reminder to them that our crowns grown from our head.


IMG_20140711_153954Hi Ladies!

My name is Zana Dudley. I’m from Florida the not so sunny state lol.

My favorite products are Aussie Moist conditioner, Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly Knot Today, Curls Coconut Curlada conditioner, and Eco Styler with Aragan Oil.

I haven’t found a shampoo that I really like yet. My favorite go to style is a wash n go.

What I LOVE most about my natural hair is the simplicity of it. I don’t have to comb it (I finger detangling it once a week on wash day) and spend hours flat ironing it to death.

I can walk out the house not be worried about my hair. Since going natural I’ve learned to except myself for me.

I’m finally happy with what I see in the mirror. I’ve learned to just let my hair be.


KristenHey Lovelies!

My name is Kristen and I’m from Chicago, IL.

I’ve had a perm from age 10 to 21. It has definitely been quite the journey for me. As for myths about it I would say those were probably wrong as for it being uncontrollable it’s definitely controllable it just takes time and patience to understand the hair. I honestly used to think that natural hair was extremely wild and was just really way too much and it was easier to just get a relaxer and wake up in the morning and bloom it was done. My hair does get fairly nappy if I leave it down too long. Too long would be probably three days. I’m still dealing with an unusual amount of hair loss when I’m finger combing. I’ve been natural now for three years going on four and as I’ve said before I am still learning on how to take care of it in the most responsible way possible without hair breakage.

My favourite products to use or Shea butter mixed with olive oil extra Virgin, and coconut oil. I mix all that together. I usually put them in when my hair is wet. I also like to use kinky curly products just the shampoo and leave in conditioner. Kinky curly product seem to be the only thing that works extremely well with my hair and I have lost a lot of money and other products that used to work so I haven’t really experienced anymore once I found kinky curly. My favorite go to style would be twists. I usually only fro it when it’s warm enough outside I don’t like to risk trying it out in the winter so I generally do my hair in twists or twist out. I also recently over the past few years learned how to do Havana twist which is taking me six hours to do but they look great. I’m still learning other styles so being creative is also something I’m learning as well.

My main reason for going natural was honestly the cost of perms. They are up to over $100 and did not include washing and drying or cutting my ends. So the best thing I could do for myself financially was to go natural. What I love most about my natural hair is that it’s so much volume which is really nice for my face shape and it seems like the possibilities of styles are endless although I just don’t know how to do them as well as most people but I’m still learning. But I love my curl pattern when it decides to behave. LOL.  I’ve noticed when I’m out and about that other naturals notice that I’m natural and you just have this feeling of pride and accomplishment in yourself that you learned how to take care of the hair that you were born with and love it.

My words of encouragement would be to not freak out right away because it is very different from your relaxed hair so the hardest thing I had to get through was you need to learn what products work and don’t work and that takes time lots of time and lots and lots of patients and just understand that what you’re doing is going to be so much better for you for and your hair even if it’s something that’s unknown to you it’s still will make you feel better that you decided to do it. You just feel this sort of pride that you didn’t have before about yourself and who you are who you want to be. YouTube has probably been the one thing that saved me from learning new styles and when things go wrong I know what to do. So ladies good luck, have fun, and try to relax & ENJOY your journey!

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