Building A Hair Regimen

April 16, 2014 in FAQS., HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba


Building a Natural Hair Regimen: KEEP IT SIMPLE!


Hey Ladies! Lets talk Hair Regimens!

Living in the twentyfirst century can be a blessing and sometimes STRESSING! As we live in a world that’s full of information, tips, guidance, suggestions etc about hair care. With easy access to Natural Hair blogs, Youtube Video Logs (channels), Social media platforms all of which provide all this super duper hair care information at our beck and call. With all this information, sometimes deciding on a hair care regimen can be extremely overwhelming. We can tend to feel pressured, excited, eager and obliged to do everything that we’ve seen and read in hope of achieving the “hair of our dreams” our ultimate “Crown of Glory” and or “Supreme Luscious Locks.” However, while seemingly overbearing and “difficult” regimens can work wonders for the hair, SIMPLE regimens are JUST AS GOOD! Particularly for those Newly Naturals, a simple regimen is the best means to achieve beautiful, healthy hair!

Ladies you don’t have to jump through a ring of fire to have healthy hair. Simply, cleanse, moisturise & seal, GENTLY detangle, condition or deep condition, apply a leave-in and possibly a protective style and voila you are good to go. DO NOT let the regimens of others pressure you. You have to decide the frequency of YOUR OWN regimen. Love & Learn your roots, find out what works best for YOU as one persons regimen may not be suitable for your hair and or your life schedule may not permit for such “pampering” so LISTEN to YOUR hair and cater to it accordingly. For instance women with 4C hair will have a differing regimen to women with 3A hair texture. Be gentle and be consistent and you WILL see results. It will also greatly help if you know your hair texture and the condition of your hair. Your hairs condition tells you exactly what your hair needs for optimal health and length retention. Also potentially giving you insight on what current hair care practices are restricting your hair from thriving.

To those who have more intricate regimens we SALUTE you! 😉


Keep It Simple: Hair Regimen

A simple regimen that includes the following steps can help you to achieve beautiful, moisturised, lengthy and healthy hair:

Moisturising– DAILY! Ladies adding moisture to your hair in between washing is VERY important, HOWEVER you don’t have to moisturize it six million times a day! Dependent on how dry your hair is, moisturising it simply once per day is perfectly fine. Moisturising can be as simple as spritzing your hair with some water and applying your favorite oil afterwards or even spritzing your hair with your oil & water infused mixture in your spray bottles.

Cleansing– IT’S A MUST! Ladies cleansing your hair and scalp is a must. Please dispose of all and any hair care myths you may still be clinging on to, DIRTY HAIR/SCALP DOES NOT PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH. Given your hair is not excessively dirty, then washing (cleansing) once a week is sufficient. (i generally co-wash, that being washing my hair with conditioner, however when i do shampoo wash i use a gentle, sulfate free shampoo to avoid stripping my hair of its natural oils and retain moisture!)

Detangling– Ladies gently finger detangling and removing tangles from your hair helps you retain length and helps you dodge those nasty single-strand knots. Detangling is most effective when done on damp/moisturised hair. You can use your fingers or a tool such as a wide tooth comb, to make certain your hair is tangle-free. You can either choose to detangle on dry hair before washing, and or during your conditioning process. Either is fine, as long as you are GENTLE and patient with your hair. (truth be told i’m a huge fan of starting my detangling process on damp hair saturated in conditioner, I personally believe it makes the process easier, quicker and gives ME a better result)

Co-wash/Conditioning– You can choose to condition with a commercial (store) brand or opt to prepare your own D.I.Y from scratch (there are many Youtube Videos and articles that you can access to acheive your own perfect homemade conditioner).

Deep Conditioning– WEEKLY! Some people choose to deep condition a few times a week, however, deep conditioning once a week  is perfectly fine. Deep conditioning is also in association with protein treatments, however a deep condition protein treatment should be done around once a month. And ladies you don’t have to have the conditioner on you 32 hours either (LOL) 30 mins to an hour is equally as fine!

Leave-in Conditioner– OH SO NECESSARY! Ladies please please please don’t forget your leave in conditioner. I’ve heard one too many statements/questions regarding leave-ins for instance “Marie.. I don’t have to use a leave-in conditioner because I’ve already conditioned my hair, right?” NO WRONG! Applying a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner is important because it closes the cuticles of your hair shaft. Ensuring all the goodness, that being the nutrients and moisture, you added during your washing and conditioning process do not bypass. ALSO it leaves your hair extremely soft and alleviates breakage due to dry, brittle hair. Ladies i’m a HUGE fan of D.I.Y Home Made Hair Care recipes so if you do choose to make your own, the MAIN ingredients you’ll need are aloe-vera juice and a few 100% natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and or almond oil. Or if you choose a commercial (store) brand then ensure to read the ingredients and aim to get a leave-in that is if not 100% then predominately natural. Either is absolutely fine, just LISTEN to your hair so you know what it LOVES and what it HATES 😉

Protective Styles- Queen PROTECT that CROWN! 😉 Ladies don’t forget to protect your hair from the elements. Protective styles are great to incorporate into your hair regimen, and a great way to retain length, prevent breakage (especially from the elements e.g. winter weather can be very harsh on our hair) and retain moisture. Styles such as, buns, braids, mini twists, Senegalese twists and flat twist updos are perfect (a style which simply tucks in your ends and isn’t harsh on your hair)

Hopefully this post is able to relieve some of the pressures that are coupled with caring for your natural hair.

Ladies REMEMBER If your hair goal is to achieve lengthy healthy hair all you need is a generous helping of PATIENCE, GOOD HAIR PRACTICES, & CONSISTENCY! Your hair WILL thrive.