BEST Detangling Tips!

September 1, 2014 in HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

Keeping Up With Your Kinks… Simplicity is KEY! GREAT Effective Detangling Tips for Natural Hair

finger detangling

It is known that natural kinky, curly, coily hair is more susceptible to tangles than that of sleek, straight less course hair. Lengthy, natural hair is especially susceptible to tangles. Detangling one’s hair requires patience and care as to avoid breakage.  Finger detangling is one of the better methods to detangle ones hair to avoid breakage and that terrible dreaded “snap, crackle, pop” sound. However it can prove to be time consuming but it allows you to feel the snags and rough edges and gently remove any knots and tangles without tearing apart your hair.

No doubt, detangling is a vital part of ALL hair care whereby you simply use your fingers and or a hair care tool to comb or brush through your hair to remove any shed hair, knots and tangles that may cause matting, roughness and or breakage. Additional benefits of detangling include helping retain hair length and health, easing your wash routine and washing your hair with ease, styling and effectively distributing products throughout your hair.

Ladies whatever your hair goals, it is essential you master the art of correct detangling as properly detangling natural hair will ensure none to minimal breakage, aid the overall health of your hair as improper detangling can lead to split ends, broken and damages ends and cuticles.

Here are a few AMAZING and very effective tips to help you detangle your tresses with ease:

shampoo hair

1) If in doubt CONDITION it out! Ladies when prepping your hair for washing always, always remember to saturate your hair in a conditioner which has a lot of slip BEFORE you detangle. This method is also known as “Wet Detangling.”  Simply wet your hair thoroughly and apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair, this leaves your hair in an extremely ideal state for detangling as your hair is now slippery and easy to run your hands through and or your comb/brush to glide through without ripping your hair out. As the water and conditioner add lubrication and extra slip to the hair making it very easy to detangle! The more lubricated (slippery) your hair the easier your detangling tool will glide through it. Ladies bear in mind not all conditioners have slip, so ensure you are detangling with a conditioner that has good slip to it, one of my favoured being Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner as it’s supper effective and inexpensive!

herbal essence conditioner

2) If you decide to detangle with hair tools use a WIDE-TOOTH COMB! The wide teeth allow for easy breezy detangling without tearing your hair out as the many bristles on a brush can and most likely will tear your hair out.

wide tooth comb

3) Start from the end and work your way UP! Additionally when combing the hair comb by working from the bottom up. Start at the tips of the hair and gradually work your way upwards, this reduces shedding and tearing your hair.

4) Ladies detangle in sections as this can prove to add greater ease to your detangling session. I personally like to separate my hair into about 4-6 sections however this is a personal preference and so sections are dependent on the thickness of your hair, manageability of your hair when detangling and your own personal preference. But I assure you focusing on one section at a time is less stressful thank trying to detangle your entire head at once, it also allows you to add equal care and attention to all parts of your hair, and enables you to separate the already detangled hair from the hair that needs detangling. I like to twist my sections after I’ve finished detangling them use plastic clips to secure my sections to avoid them from becoming tangled again, with this you can make smaller sections if required.

clip sections

5) Finger detangle where required! It is the best option (in my opinion) for those with fine hair that easily splits and breaks. I find finger detangling eases the use of a comb/brush afterwards as the hair has already been lightly detangled and separated. However although I LOVE finger detangling, sometimes I do tend to find it’s not always enough on its own particularly when it regards removing shed hairs. Combining the two method types of detangling, that being finger and comb detangling, can be beneficial to ensure that strands are being separated properly and shed hairs removed.

6) Detangle before and after shampooing!!!

twisted sections

7) Ladies if your preference is dry detangling, detangling your hair whilst dry, it is advisable that this method be done via applying oil, conditioner or a mixture of the two to the hair and then detangling the hair prior to cleansing. For those inquisitive minds, benefits of this method include convenience as it can be done out of the shower and in front of a mirror which can be easier to see and remove snags and tangles. There is reduces chance of breakage as the hair is strongest when dry, although when wet and lubricated the hair is more elasticated which is a plus when detangling on wet slippery hair. Latterly the oils and conditioner also aid to moisturise the hair to prevent excessive dryness and matting that shampooing can cause. Using both wet and dry detangling can allow for maximum results! A great dry detangling session before shampooing your hair will help to improve your detangling and healthy hair results when you detangle wet with plenty of conditioner after cleansing.


8) Latterly ladies BE GENTLE!! Patience is a virtue, always be patient and gentle when detangling your hair. Impatience will only lead to improper care and rough detangling causing nothing but stress, pain, breakage and damaged tresses. Ensure to detangle with CARE particularly with the ends of your hair as they are the eldest, weakest and most fragile part of your hair.

Ladies with a generous amount of GOOD hair care practice, patience and consistency your hair will THRIVE! Happy Healthy Hair Journey!!

How do you detangle? What are your go-to detangling tools and methods? What are your favourite products, hair care tools and methods for detangling?