Ama’s Amazing Afro

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Ama’s Amazing Afro is a beautifully illustrated children’s book dedicated to every beautiful brown skin girl who may need a little reminder from time to time that their beauty is unmatched. This amazing book also includes a cool colouring-in section. 

Ama’s Amazing Afro is an amazing example that cultural representation matters and that identity is everything! This book aims to captivate the attention of young black girls providing them with a platform to identify with, building self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance in young black girls demonstrating that our uniquenesses are what make us beautiful. 


Ama is an intelligent and inspirited girl with beautiful BIG hair, who is unapologetically in love with herself and her culture. Ama absolutely loves her hair and all the pretty styles it can do, as her mother constantly instills self-love and self-acceptance in her.


To have a strong sense of self and to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you conform to societal standards is a great accomplishment. This story aims to have Ama instill this same soulful self-love and self-acceptance into every beautiful brown skin girl who reads this story. Teaching them that it is okay to have different textured hair, as our differences are what make us beautiful.

Ama is an amazing example that you can never be too young to proclaim soulful self-love and have an understanding of the importance of self-acceptance and loving ones culture.

Let’s continue to encourage our children to excel in their uniquenesses and to love and appreciate the qualities that make them THEM! This is definitely a story that every beautiful brown skin girl can relate to and identify with. A guaranteed BEST SELLER!


In under 48 hours of its release Ama’s Amazing Afro has reached a phenomenal audience of over 100,000 people GLOBALLY! A MUST READ!




Please be sure to share with family and friends! All of your little princesses will LOVE you for it, we promise!

Ama’s Amazing Afro

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About the Author

img_8447Mariezain Kabba is a BSc Graduate, entrepreneur, author, social media influencer and natural hair advocate. Mariezain is the founder and CEO of Unconditioned Roots, a UK based natural hair and black culture platform dedicated to celebrating and promoting all that is black excellence. Mariezain evokes a great level of expertise in her work, has a passion for distributing knowledge and a proficiency in networking and social media.

Ama’s Amazing Afro was created out of Mariezain’s passion and love of teaching young black girls to love and enjoy their natural hair. Whilst encouraging mothers to instill daily positive affirmations in their daughters which will dispel the negative misconception of natural hair. Teaching them that their natural hair is their statement of self-love, one part of an amazingly unique culture and form of identity. Mariezain aims to impart a reassuring message to young black girls about the importance of self-love, self-acceptance, and embracing themselves completely, just as they are.

Despite the expanding popularity of natural hair in recent years, there are still many people who disapprove of it and there remains an evident big stigma against it particularly in the corporate world. African/Black hair in its natural kinky curly state is often seen as unprofessional, too loud, unruly, and to date fails to meet European and Eurocentric standards of beauty. Thus Mariezain created a platform through Unconditioned Roots that dispels these misconceptions of natural hair. Unconditioned Roots further distributes knowledge and positively, exposes the identity, beauty, versatility and uniqueness of natural hair and black culture. Unconditioned Roots provides a rich encouragement, celebration and promotion of African culture, healthy hair care and the BEAUTY of kinky curly natural hair in all its glory.

Unconditioned Roots has a thriving community with a global audience of over 150,000! Mariezain is always expanding and developing ideas to further best support, educate, empower and facilitate members of the black community. Connect with Mariezain on her website and all her social media platforms where she and collaborating influencers alike talk natural hair, African/Black culture, women empowerment, beauty, lifestyle and more. Connect with Mariezain on her social media platforms @unconditionedroots.

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Our diversity is our strength! Representation matters! Culture and identity is EVERYTHING! Let’s change the entire perception of our future generations and how they internally and externally view themselves!

The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page. PURCHASE YOUR COPY TODAY!

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