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July 6, 2014 in UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

African Economics:

The Politics of Black Women & “FAKE Hair”

Korean pic

In response to the above image I posted on one of my social media platforms this morning.. This image opened up a very thought provoking debate with regards to different perspectives on Black Women and “FAKE Hair”  with that a lot of people have been asking me for my extended opinion on this matter. So here’s some insight into my thoughts. In my personal opinion some people are missing the collective point here which is AFRICAN ECONOMICS! I know we all put money into others pockets as a human race it’s only natural however black people are the BIGGEST consumers of “fake hair” and all things NON BLACK whereby when you look at Asians & even the Jewish they are extremely fixed on always putting back into their communities! It’s not a matter of race exploitation or weave verse natural but simple AWARENESS & cultivating ones mind! It can not be denied that this image holds some sad truths!

Ladies love, learn & embrace your natural hair, care for & nurture your hair and do not allow yourselves to get wrapped up, consumed & dependant on false societal expectations of beauty e.g. Fake hair. Look at it on a WHOLE scale not just this typical “weave VS natural” or “race” jargon that seems to be the first line of defence for those who know not what they speak off!

Even for the few places that (I think I’ve seen) ‘black’ women/people distributing such, the producers are Asians and that is where the largest profits are made and they are the largest distributors so those ‘black’ distributor’s profits only accounts for a minuscule amount of Gross National Product. So back to it, the majority of the margin of profits within the entire HAIR industry is allocated to Asians and largest consumers is ‘blacks’. I don’t feel I need state statistics; simply look at areas with high rates of a specific race/ethnic group and it’s the ‘black’ areas that have like x5/x10 if not more distributors of HAIR than the number of other areas with hair shops/salons.

Just imagine where we would be as a culture, people, community if we simply adopted & maintained a WHOLISTIC Afrocentric Communal state of mind (similar to the Asians & the Jewish)??

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