A Million Reasons To Go Natural

July 12, 2014 in HAIR CARE, UNCONDITIONED ROOTS by mkabba

In two minds about returning back to your Natural Tresses? Here are “A Million” reasons to go natural!

Hey Curlies!

It’s a sad truth that many Black African women are under the impression that natural hair “isn’t for them” however I beg to differ beauties! It doesn’t get any more for you than YOUR OWN Natural hair as its home grown, God given and GORGEOUS! So for those inquisitive souls who are in two minds and are questioning what the benefits, and perks are about returning back to their natural tresses, I’ve compiled a few reasons that’ll enlighten you on the positives of returning back to your natural tresses and hopefully bridge that gap of uncertainty. I hope this is able to encourage all you my sisters that are considering making that change.

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1. Be apart of the natural hair community. Strangely the natural hair community feels like this exclusive sorority of naturals that care about the same thing: growing strong healthy hair. In a way it’s really empowering to know you have sisters that have decided to be bold and embrace their natural roots.

2. It can save you money. Once you realize the products that your hair likes, you don’t have to spend tons of cash on your hair. Its far less expensive than going to the salon every other week.

3. It’s Healthier for Your Hair. You’re capable of taking better care of your hair. By using relaxers, you’re intentionally damaging your hair with chemicals, which can lead to lots of stress on the hair and balding.

4. Natural hair is stronger than Relaxer hair.

5. Avoid the irritation of new growth. New growth is a naturals best friend.

6. Lots of guys like natural hair. Not every guy will prefer it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. I’ve found that lots of guys are interested in natural haired women simply because it’s different and exotic, and most often healthier looking than the average girl with a relaxer.

7. It makes you look different from everyone else and what they think is beautiful. It gives you so much confidence and reassurance of your own natural beauty.

8. Learn the texture of YOUR hair. Don’t assume that because your new growth grows fluffy and not wavy that you don’t have “good” hair or the “right” hair to be going natural. While transitioning and even some time after you BC, your texture can change.

9. It’s Versatile. Straight hair, curly hair, hair with lots of volume.. You can have it all!

10. No other race can “Go Natural”. Why waste such an amazing feature by relaxing your hair?! You are so rare, girl! Embrace your Natural!

Thanks for reading lovlies.

So Ladies what reasons do you have for returning back to your natural tresses? Are there any reasons above that stand out in particular for you? If so please do not hesitate to shed some light and leave a comment below 😉